Living a longer life for a change

Again a strange post on a blog which talks about blogging. Well W Revenue dot Com blog posted a interesting article related to a reasearch on age longevity. Reasearch concentrates on longifying your age so that you can live indefinitely. According to it not many people are happy with this reasearch for the following reasons:

  • People are too religious and don’t believe in going against nature
  • They will quote examples from history to show that death is a natural feature.
  • They don’t like to live
  • They are old and don’t want to understand such things
  • They will cite population issues to go against this research
  • They believe that aging is caused by time and not by cellular processes

Thank god, I don’t have any of the above 6 reasons to quote. I believe that when you have the resources to live longer, then why not. Why not live a more healthier life when you can achieve it and I am waiting to see the effects of this research. I would love to see what happens if this research becomes successful.

There is one more reason for me to post this post on NSpeaks: Author of original post has promised $20 for first 100 bloggers who talk on this topic. 😉