K2 – The best theme engine for WordPress

I still don’t understand why majority of blogs don’t use K2 Theme Engine for WordPress. k2 is not simply a theme but a complete platform on which wide variety of themes are based. Normal WordPress Themes can also be ported to k2 system.

Understanding K2

Simple k2 theme looks just like default wordpress theme but with whole lot of features thrown in. It includes Ajax Commenting, Ajax Pages, Ajaxified search, Rolling Archives, Ajax Archives, Complete replacement of Widgets with k2 Sidebar Manager(much more advanced), Sidebar Asides, Gravatar in WP 2.5 and lot more features I don’t remember at the moment.

Get k2 here. (Current version is RC6 which is compatible with WordPress 2.5.x)

In the coming weeks, I will review some cool mods, themes for k2. I am also thinking of porting famous wordpress templates to k2 platform too.