Does your browser support the new image format JPEG XL?

JPEG XL compatibility check: JPEG XL test picture or JPEG fallback

Note: If your browser supports JPEG XL, you will see the image with the text saying it supports JPEG XL. Else, you will see a fallback JPEG image.

What is JPEG XL?

JPEG XL is a next-generation image codec being in the process of standardized by the JPEG Committee. It separates itself from other newer formats like WebP, AVIF, and HEIC as it is not based on any video codec like they are. This gives it an advantage as it has been specifically made to display images and offers much better quality and smaller file sizes than any other codec.

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Which browsers support JPEG XL?

As of 2 June 2021, Chrome Stable 91+, Firefox Beta 90+, and Edge Stable 91+ support JPEG XL.

To enable JPEG XL format in Chrome stable, open Chrome flags ( chrome://flags ) settings page and enable the option Enable JXL image format ( chrome://flags/#enable-jxl ).

Chrome Flag setting for enabling JPEG XL image format
Option to enable JPEG XL image fornat in Chrome stable (91+)

Firefox Beta (90+) supports JPEG XL. To achieve that, you need to set the value of image.jxl.enabled to true on the about:config page.

Option to enable JPEG XL support in Firefox Beta (90+)

Firefox Nightly (91+) offers a much easier way to enable support for the JXL image format. Open your Firefox settings page and visit the Nightly Experiments page and enable support for the JXL format from there.

Firefox Nightly(91+) settings for enabling JPEG XL format
Option to enable support for the JPEG XL format in Firefox Nighly (91+)

Microsoft Edge Stable (91+) supports JPEG XL as well. To enable the feature, you need to launch the browser executable with the parameter. --enable-features=JXL.

Edge Shortcut explorer Properties box to add support for JPEG XL format
How to add the parameter to the Edge executable to add support for the JPEG XL format

How to convert your photos to JPEG XL format?

The easiest way to convert your photos to JPEG XL format is to use online converter apps.

  1. Squoosh App. It can be installed as a native PWA app on phones and web browsers. It can only convert one file and offer various quality settings along with a live preview.
  2. jpegxl-converter – can convert one file at a time and offers lossless encoding along with quality settings. Lossless compression might not work with large files, though.
  3. MConverter – It works very similarly to Squoosh and can be installed as a native app as well. It supports file sizes up to 500 MB.

How to embed JPEG XL pics on your webpage

It would be best to use the HTML <picture> tag to embed JPEG XL pics on your site. Here is a sample code you can work with.

        <source srcset="" type="image/jxl">
        <img src="" alt="JPEG Fallback picture for JPEG XL format">

Note: This page will be continuously updated as and when more tools and browser support are available.

Last Updated: 2 June, 2021