IndoContest Review

This is a review which IndoContest won from me at a contest held at ViralBlogAds. So here goes the winning review.

I knew IndoContest even before this contest was held. But Since I am greedy a bit, so didn’t care to review it for free until it won the review fairly and squarely! IndoContest is basically a contest blog which keeps itself updated with latest contests happening in the blogosphere. And it is one of those few contest blogs which definitely helps a contest gaining popularity through its high traffic and approx 200 RSS readers. Blog is extremely popular and is one among the top contest blogs on the internet.

IndoContest is being run by 29 year old Indonesian named Indo. And guess what he himself won this domain in a contest only. Some guys have all the luck.


Submission is a easy and free process. Just submit your contest info here and it shall be posted soon on the blog for free with detailed information abt your contest.


This blog again got lucky and won a custom design. Design looks great but now comes the big problem. There are too many ads on the blog. I mean, a normal vistior will definitely be adblinded and even after using a adblocker, still so many ads pass through. The owner should definitely stick to only those ads which are worthwile and pays more than just putting every available ad possible. Navigation is easy and friendly. But at first I got confused between their search bar and email subscription link. Needs a improvement here. Also the owner should avoid multi colored posts….though they do stand out but too much of colored text in a post is a bit distracting.


Maybe the content is only reason, people keep visiting it despite several problems with too many ads. Contests are updated on almost daily basis and basically you can find all sorts of contests available from the blogosphere.

IndoContest Store

Apart from writing about contests, IndoContest also host a small store too where you can find a lot of Ipod and its related products at good prices. Check them out.


So if you wanna get your contest a good exposure, don’t forget it to submit it to IndoContest. I would definitely recommend to submit here. You won’t be disappointed and it doesn’t cost a dime either.

And if you also want to get your site reviewed, purchase a paid review here for $25.


  1. I can’t access indocontest right now. Is there any problem there?

    1. Nope…its working as usual for me. Check again.

  2. Wow… Navjot, Thats was really nice review!!.
    Hm… yeah, i should remove some unnecessary ads from my blog.
    Thank you for your honest review.
    Thumbs Up!!

    indocontests last blog post..Win the Arras.Theme at WP-Premiums

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