Increase your Adsense revenue with a simple tip

If you have a new website and using Google Adsense on it but not seeing any significant revenue increase, I have a simple tip for you. Whenever you create or edit your ad code, just make sure the type of adcode selected is text only. And then check for next few days. If your site has good quality content, you will definitely see a increase of revenue by making this simple change.

Logic behind this

Actual Logic behind this is that most of people nowadays use Adblockers and have a thorough knowledge of how the Internet works. Most people just keep getting offended with Huge image banners aligned with text. It distracts them completely from the quality content.

Result is that neither they seem to be interested in your content and neither in your website. And eventually they leave your site without seeing the content and the ad!

Now when you keep the ads as text only, text ads not only compliment the content but prove to be a valuable addon with the text. So people read the text and even takes interest in value added content too.

Bonus Tip

Use Text ads only for all ads which are close to main content. More revenue increase will follow.


Have you ever seen Google showing image ads on their search results, orkut or gmail?? Now you know the reason!


  1. “most of people nowadays use Adblockers and have a thorough knowledge of how the Internet works.”

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. Perhaps in this niche, yes, but in general there are a ton of computer and Internet newbies coming online every day. They’re still using Internet Explorer and call their browser “the Internet”, and don’t know what an ad blocker is let alone how to use it.

    In fact, I’m not a newbie by any means (I’ve been online since 1992) and I don’t use an ad blocker (except my own built-in mind filter).

    In any case, you won’t target anyone who is using an ad blocker with text ads as the ad blocker blocks everything from AdSense.

    I’ve seen a far better response allowing both image and text ads and letting Google place the best ad. Of course it varies from site to site, but particularly now third-party ad networks are being allowed into AdSense — on images only — it does make sense to allow both so long as it doesn’t muck up your design.

  2. Good tip, I give it a try, and see how things go.

  3. Excellent tip. Making money online is not really as easy as many makes it believe.

  4. Thank you for this tip

    to the others, just keep applying to google adsense if they reject your site. Sometimes that works and then they approve it.

  5. Please help me out. I want to be a adsense publisher but website is rejected.
    can you tell me what’s wrong? is my url

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    1. There seems to be a problem at – You are using frames to load the website. Which I think does not look good. Your half website is hosted via blogger and other half via a free hosting. Moreover it seems you created your site very recently. And most of the pages are just one word pages using google custom search and google apps. Now these are my views.

      I can’t say why google has rejected your site. Write more content, get traffic(which seems to be nil at the moment) and then resubmit to Google. It may approve then.

  6. Nice tips …I will implement this immediately hope iw ill earn more with my adsense …Thanks alot

  7. That makes sense, and I will definitely try it out tomorrow. I would add that people will click on the text ads more too because they are harder to distinguish from the content. This is kind of sneaky, but I’ve fallen for it many times.

    The only other way to increase click-through I’ve seen used successfully, besides making the ads look like content, is to make the content relatively useless or incomplete, so that the user clicks on the ad to continue their search.

  8. Thanks for the post, I was always debating using text links vs img links for adsense.

    I have a blog at the above website and I put a div style=float:right tag in there and the adwords is inline with my blog posts, but I don’t think the clicks are as high as they could be. I’m gonna try this out.

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