How to Lose your Blog’s Reputation in 30 days?

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Well, if you can’t build reputation, then atleast you can spoil it. Here is a day by day account of how to spoil your blog’s reputation in 30 days!

  • Day 1: Turn your Posts in Feed to Partial. Better…use Feedburner post more feature and limit posts to 1 word and rest will display…Visit link to read full post
  • Day 2: Better even…Break your site’s that people can’t even subscribe.
  • Day 3: Start posting posts having only 1-5 words with no sense.
  • Day 4: Spam big related niche blogs with almost 10 nonsense comments per minute. (I told you…losing reputation needs hard work! :mrgreen: )
  • Day 5: If you didn’t like Day 3 Idea…start posting posts having 5000 words with half of it filled with Lorem Ipsum shit!
  • Day 6: Fake your Feedburner Count by copying image from Big Blogs(Go for Techcrunch! )
  • Day 7: Make a photoshop image of you standing with bloggers like Michael Arrington, John Chow, Darren, Shoemoney and Matt Cutts and tell that all of these are your childhood friends.
  • Day 8: Turn off your Blog’s Archives page. Better still: delete archive.php and archives.php of your wordpress theme and the default theme as well. (This ensures archives pages get completely broken)
  • Day 9: Remove the Contact Page from your blog
  • Day 10: Remove your photo and replace it with John Chow’s photo in your about me page.
  • Day 10: Remove the About me page from your blog and move that John Chow’s image to your blog’s homepage.
  • Day 11: Make a sad story showing you in lots of trouble and asking for donations(Paypal only please…other options can reveal your privacy). (Will be used to spoil the reputation on Day 30)
  • Day 12: Change the order of posts on your blog daily. (Don’t worry….a wordpress plugin for this is available)
  • Day 13: Turn all your posts into excerpts shown on main page..with excerpt length of 0 words.(Don’t worry…again a plugin is available for this)
  • Day 14: Start writing unrelated post headings which completely mismatch the post text(How about See Angelina Jolie hot pics on a post related to Investment and Stock Exchange? )
  • Day 15: Put three big 300X250 Adsense rectangles on top of your blog one on each line pushing your posts to second scroll down. Improves Visibility! (obviously ad visibility…what did you think? :mrgreen: )
  • Day 16: If Day 15 was not enough….try more banner ads of different publishers like Adbrite, Adtoll, ClickBank, CJ, Kontera, Paypal, Affiliate Banners. Just make sure…they appear above your posts.
  • Day 17: Expanding Day 8 Strategy: Remove Sitemaps if you have it. Remove even xml sitemaps submitted to Google. Remove robots.txt file from your blog. Also put nofollow on all pages of your blog.
  • Day 18: Remove Akismet from your Blog…and approve all comments…no matter what they are.
  • Day 19: Enable Dofollow for your comments if you had not done so till now. Also increase Top Commentors being shown from standard 10 to 100.
  • Day 20: Link to every website you can think of in your blogroll.(even yahoo, msn and will do) Make sure your blogroll has atleast 200 links.
  • Day 21: If yuou got tired of working on Day 20…relax….and only make sure all blogroll links are on homepage and not on a separate links page as some blogs do.
  • Day 22: Remove permalinks to your posts…so it would become almost impossible to open single posts….and comment on them. Oooo….expands Day 13 strategy well…now no reader can ever guess…what you have posted! 😈
  • Day 23: Remove Category links from your front page. That removes one more option to let readers even read your blog.
  • Day 24: Turn off Tagging.
  • Day 25: Hold a Blog Contest with prize money of 55000$ worth prizes and put the duration of contest only 5 days. Contest Entry requirements: Post a blog post about the contest with minimum 55000 words(original please)!
  • Day 26: Change the duration of contest to 3 days…ie. ending on Day 28!
  • Day 27: Change the entry requirements….Blog should have atleast PR 6 to enter.
  • Day 28: Break your site’s theme across all browsers(hire a css expert – oops…you forgot to do it on Day 1:…..give this priority.)
  • Day 29: Announce the winner….a blog (created by you with 1 post entry as: I win word repeated 27500 times – making it 55000 word post). Make sure this blog was created on Day 29 only…not before.
  • Day 30: Abuse all Big Bloggers….telling that they don’t know anything about blogging and you earned 10^10 dollars in last 30 days!

And after a long taxing month see your blog’s reputation going down the drain…to the extent that you will get a consistent traffic of 1 unique/day(obviously that’s you), alexa rank of something 9,000,000+ and technorati authority of 1!