How to Lose your Blog’s Reputation in 30 days?

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Well, if you can’t build reputation, then atleast you can spoil it. Here is a day by day account of how to spoil your blog’s reputation in 30 days!

  • Day 1: Turn your Posts in Feed to Partial. Better…use Feedburner post more feature and limit posts to 1 word and rest will display…Visit link to read full post
  • Day 2: Better even…Break your site’s that people can’t even subscribe.
  • Day 3: Start posting posts having only 1-5 words with no sense.
  • Day 4: Spam big related niche blogs with almost 10 nonsense comments per minute. (I told you…losing reputation needs hard work! :mrgreen: )
  • Day 5: If you didn’t like Day 3 Idea…start posting posts having 5000 words with half of it filled with Lorem Ipsum shit!
  • Day 6: Fake your Feedburner Count by copying image from Big Blogs(Go for Techcrunch! )
  • Day 7: Make a photoshop image of you standing with bloggers like Michael Arrington, John Chow, Darren, Shoemoney and Matt Cutts and tell that all of these are your childhood friends.
  • Day 8: Turn off your Blog’s Archives page. Better still: delete archive.php and archives.php of your wordpress theme and the default theme as well. (This ensures archives pages get completely broken)
  • Day 9: Remove the Contact Page from your blog
  • Day 10: Remove your photo and replace it with John Chow’s photo in your about me page.
  • Day 10: Remove the About me page from your blog and move that John Chow’s image to your blog’s homepage.
  • Day 11: Make a sad story showing you in lots of trouble and asking for donations(Paypal only please…other options can reveal your privacy). (Will be used to spoil the reputation on Day 30)
  • Day 12: Change the order of posts on your blog daily. (Don’t worry….a wordpress plugin for this is available)
  • Day 13: Turn all your posts into excerpts shown on main page..with excerpt length of 0 words.(Don’t worry…again a plugin is available for this)
  • Day 14: Start writing unrelated post headings which completely mismatch the post text(How about See Angelina Jolie hot pics on a post related to Investment and Stock Exchange? )
  • Day 15: Put three big 300X250 Adsense rectangles on top of your blog one on each line pushing your posts to second scroll down. Improves Visibility! (obviously ad visibility…what did you think? :mrgreen: )
  • Day 16: If Day 15 was not enough….try more banner ads of different publishers like Adbrite, Adtoll, ClickBank, CJ, Kontera, Paypal, Affiliate Banners. Just make sure…they appear above your posts.
  • Day 17: Expanding Day 8 Strategy: Remove Sitemaps if you have it. Remove even xml sitemaps submitted to Google. Remove robots.txt file from your blog. Also put nofollow on all pages of your blog.
  • Day 18: Remove Akismet from your Blog…and approve all comments…no matter what they are.
  • Day 19: Enable Dofollow for your comments if you had not done so till now. Also increase Top Commentors being shown from standard 10 to 100.
  • Day 20: Link to every website you can think of in your blogroll.(even yahoo, msn and will do) Make sure your blogroll has atleast 200 links.
  • Day 21: If yuou got tired of working on Day 20…relax….and only make sure all blogroll links are on homepage and not on a separate links page as some blogs do.
  • Day 22: Remove permalinks to your posts…so it would become almost impossible to open single posts….and comment on them. Oooo….expands Day 13 strategy well…now no reader can ever guess…what you have posted! 😈
  • Day 23: Remove Category links from your front page. That removes one more option to let readers even read your blog.
  • Day 24: Turn off Tagging.
  • Day 25: Hold a Blog Contest with prize money of 55000$ worth prizes and put the duration of contest only 5 days. Contest Entry requirements: Post a blog post about the contest with minimum 55000 words(original please)!
  • Day 26: Change the duration of contest to 3 days…ie. ending on Day 28!
  • Day 27: Change the entry requirements….Blog should have atleast PR 6 to enter.
  • Day 28: Break your site’s theme across all browsers(hire a css expert – oops…you forgot to do it on Day 1:…..give this priority.)
  • Day 29: Announce the winner….a blog (created by you with 1 post entry as: I win word repeated 27500 times – making it 55000 word post). Make sure this blog was created on Day 29 only…not before.
  • Day 30: Abuse all Big Bloggers….telling that they don’t know anything about blogging and you earned 10^10 dollars in last 30 days!

And after a long taxing month see your blog’s reputation going down the drain…to the extent that you will get a consistent traffic of 1 unique/day(obviously that’s you), alexa rank of something 9,000,000+ and technorati authority of 1!


  1. OMG!!!! :O This Post is just awesome…. LMAO 😀

  2. an unusual one…since people usually make a step how to be famous blogger or others similar..but this is an unuseful one but iit requires a hard work to lose reputation…haha…nice one…hope you win the contest… 😀

    1. Contest was very old. And thanks for liking the contest.

  3. haha great .. wonderful. 😀

  4. This is one of the most funniest blog posts that I have read in recent times and I really cannot agree more on abusing the bigger bloggers and hope the fight does not get viral. Lol

    1. Thanks for appreciating the post.

  5. That was hilarious but there’s a simpler way – for 30 days straight steal articles from every possible site – the bigger the better, and post them as yours. Of course use their pics. Don’t bother with erasing sentences like “as a writer for…” or “in technocrati HQ my boss…” – they make the articles seem more genuine.

  6. 😀 ha ha…
    very humourous article.
    Today I came to know how hard is to loose ones blog’s reputation. 😀

  7. Haha great list, I laughed alot. You should add have a blog contest requiring a link to participate, then keep moving the deadline farther and farther back, so that it never ends but you keep getting links. See how long you can keep it up. Thanks for sharing this, it was awesome.

  8. particularly like the photoshop idea with all the big blogging guns 🙂 this list is giving me some ideas!!

  9. 😛
    Are you Crazy or doing viral marketing or writing it just for fun.. 😳 ❓

  10. 😐 😉 😛 😀 😆
    It’s very funny way. But I remove tagging from my side bar blog to reduce link in my homepage.

    Oka Mahendra’s last blog post..Beda Foto Asli dan Rekayasa

  11. Can a blog with just one post have a rep?

    Regardless, I agree that sites without content tend to lose any rep or potential rep very quickly 🙄

  12. Or write a blog with just one post 🙂

    Sebastian @ Daily Tech Notes’s last blog post..Orkut adds support for external email accounts!

  13. lol. Nice list man. I really enjoyed it. And did you try this method out before? 😆

    Stumbled it as well as it is well worth it! 😐

    Fahad’s last blog post..Recovering the blog

  14. Day 30: Abuse all Big Bloggers….telling that they don’t know anything about blogging and you earned 10^10 dollars in last 30 days!
    I see this in some blogs.Most of them say “I made 103921 $ in a month”When I see that ,I close that site life time.Most of them offer e-commerce,maybe fraud.
    One of the most entertaining and funny posts I ve ever read.

  15. maybe you can try them all on your blog? 😀

  16. hehe, i’ll be handing this out to my clients when they ask what to do with a blog.

  17. This is one of the funniest posts i have read in a while. Ha ha!Great stuff!Keep the words flowing!

  18. Wow i was thinking to shut down one of my blogs but this one is even better.. spoiling the blog 😉

  19. ok, if you do the oppiste, you can retain trhe reputation.

  20. KexBrown » well unless you do all these things dedicatedly….you are still a god blogger. 😆

  21. Ouch, I think I have actually done 3 of these without even trying. I should be free from blogging in another 27 days. Thanks for the tips.

  22. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I doubt you will need the whole 30 days with the methods you mentioned here. But commonly someone that does the above will not have a reputation to loose right ?

  23. Fantastic! 😀 I can’t stop laughing… 😆

  24. 😯 Man this just made my day!

  25. no one wants to loose it 🙂

  26. I like day 20 I think is a good idea…

  27. Building a reputation is hard enough but reading this it seems that ruining it properly is quite an operation as well. 🙄

  28. Thanks for sharing! It’s much easier than gaining reputation! I became your rss subscriber.

  29. The first ten days sound an awful lot like a certain WordPress co-founder’s page … I wonder if this is the same tactic he’s taking, albeit on a slower timeline 😛

  30. Hey buddy. That post made me LOL. I’ve gotta try that photoshop thing! Maybe I’ll start with famous authors. Haha. 😈

  31. you’re a genius, you made me laugh. think i would try the number 7 idea haha. have a nice day

  32. I like the idea of having a photo of you standing next to a famous blogger. Maybe a movie star or someone else would be just as nice as a joke. That actually might get some nice attention, as a joke of course. Not telling lies that they are childhood friends.

  33. Thanks for the stumble Wayne. Yeah…you can only expect curses…and more so….only abuses and nofollow tags to your blog! :mrgreen:

  34. I guess after all the fun 30 days, it will be a horrible one and a return to the Internet with the name used in these 30 days will do nothing but getting curses from people.

    :mrgreen: Stumbled!

  35. Wow this is easier to do than building up your reputation. 😈 hehe 🙂

  36. LOL. I think we could call this handiblogging 🙂

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