How to be World’s laziest blogger – Part 2

You can imagine, how lazy I can be. It took me more than a month to come up with part 2 of the series. So where we were. Yes, we were discussing on how to be the world’s laziest blogger. Well being a lazy blogger have its own advantages and disadvantages. I will discuss them soon at the end of this post.

Firstly, lets look at the remaining points of being a lazy blogger:

  1. Stop Submitting to Social Sites. Yeah, they take most of the precious time which can be spent otherwise watching hot babes on or watching latest DVDs.
  2. Leave the default sidebar of wordpress as it is if you have installed a new blog recently. Why mess up with the original. Afterall original is the best. Isn’t it?
  3. Stop checking your stats even if you check them once a month. Its too pain to check them again and again and more so if they don’t improve. Why bother if your uniques are dropping day by day. You can’t do much about it. Have a popkorn and take a chill pill.
  4. Don’t check your earnings. What a time waste. Money comes and goes. No point checking it and worrying about it. Enjoy time as it comes.
  5. Don’t check your rss subscribers as well. What difference it will make to your laziness if your rss count is 100 one day and 1000 the other day?
  6. Don’t create pages on your blog. You are writing posts and taking time for them even being lazy, isn’t it enough? Why the heck pages? They are not even included in your feeds if you are still publishing it.
  7. Use the default wordpress theme. Why bother searching on over 1000s of free themes or spending money on some unique or premium theme when default wordpress install comes with such a beautiful theme named Kubrick!
  8. And afterall this atleast stop reading other’s feeds or blog posts like you are reading this one. It won’t help you with your blog atleast but will definitely help you in being less active. Worth a read atleast for this!
  9. And finally stop writing a blog. Why are you writing? Just make a blank page and name it as Laziest Blogger of the World.

So at last the series of being the world’s laziest blogger comes to an end.  And now since after reading all 17 points of being a lazy blogger, you are a true lazy blogger, so here is your badge. Sport it on your blog and at least bear the pain of linking back to me. Help me in creating a new community of laziest bloggers around.

And if you are thinking I will still tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of being a lazy blogger…ah forget it. You tell me. I am going to take my important nap than thinking and writing about it. Can you tell me? If yes, I will customise this badge for you and send it over to you by mail so that you can print it and sport it your friends.

BTW I wanted to make some more badges for you to sport around, but by seeing my laziness…I am not in a mood right now. I would definitely like to make more such badges for you soon.

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