How to be the world’s laziest blogger? – Part 1

Yes, we talk of being active all the time. But not everybody can be active at all times. Sometimes, you do feel lazy. Lazy enough to lie down and keep on thinking of how to popularise your blog and attaining nothing to do it. Well here are some of the well known tips adopted by lazy bloggers which even you can try them at your blog to be clubbed as the world’s most lazy blogger!
But before moving on to the tips of being a lazy blogger, there are some essential items you need to keep in mind. Being lazy blogger can have some harmful side-effects like no traffic, no advertisers, no revenue, no comments and no friends in blogging. If you are ready to bear all this, then we can move on how to become the world’s laziest blogger ever.

Tips to become the world’s laziest blogger:

  1. Stop Commenting on your own blog. What better than taking intitative on your blog first. Ignore the commentors. Don’t bother to check who is writing what on your blog. Saves you trouble of reading long comments.
  2. Stop Commenting on other’s blogs. Ok…trying on other’s blogs too!
  3. Stop Moderating comments – ah who has the time. Let Akismet do its job and if something slips by Akismet, ignore. Afterall its a comment only.
  4. Don’t redesign your blog if it needs one. Lots of pain you seeĀ  – fixing themes, optimising, making it work on all browsers and what not! Cut the crap off and lie down watching Baywatch old serials. The theme of serial is better than your blog’s! :woot:
  5. Stop Using tags… have categories na! Why people bother with tags…..Ah i have around 200+ tags!! What pain again.
  6. Stop using categories – what for search button is there in the theme! People can search for anything using that stupid search button. Don’t have extra time to decide categories and click them to add them.
  7. Don’t use text formatting – Write plain text and saves lot of time and pain of pressing extra buttons for doing bold, color and links in text. People can read afterall. They don’t need such bells and whistles. (Except for numbering I haven’t used it too! 8) )
  8. Stop using pictures….again I tell you…finding pics, uploaind, writing alt text, aligning, – ah ! My fingers are paining.

BTW my fingers are paining writing this post…so write the rest of it after some time. Let this be part 1. In between, pls suggest what are your tips to be a lazy blogger.

Part 2 of the post here.

Nap Time….ah too much stressed after writing such a long post! (428 words!)