How to Advertise on John Chow, Shoemoney and John Cow for free

Yes, there is a new advertising option available for your blog and that too 125X125 free banner on popular blogs like JohnChow, JohnCow, Shoemoney and TylerCruz.

I am talking of EntreCard, a venture started by Graham Langdon of Million Dollar Wiki Fame. It is a very unique and interesting concept of getting your 125X125 banner across big and small blogs/sites alike.

EntreCard works on Credit System. You earn credits:

  1. When somebody drops his card on your inbox (1 credit per drop)
  2. When you drop your card on somebody’s inbox (1 credit per drop)
  3. When somebody advertise his card on your site (50% of the advertisement rate of your blog’s card)

So effectively you are just advertising on other’s blog using credits instead of dollars and that too of a 125X125 banner sized ad. (BTW john Chow’s blog is most expensive to advertise on in complete entrecard blog directory. 😈 )

Before you get further excited, Entrecard is limited currently to blogs in english only and there is one blog per account limitation. So maybe for your second blog, you need a new entrecard account. Hopefully in future they may remove/fix these limitations. Till then enjoy dropping/receiving cards since I found it extremely fun and addictive.

And yes EntreCard does bring good traffic but its upto you how to leverage that traffic properly since most of traffic comes for dropping cards.