How are you as a blogger?

Yes this is a test for you as a blogger. Recently I found several tests related to bloggers which will test your dedication as a blogger.

How addicted you are to blogging?

Here is my result:

NSpeaks Blog Addiction

Blogger Spelling Test

Here is my result:

NSpeaks Blog Spelling Test

Cash Reward on your blog?

Here is my result:

Reward on

Film Rating of your Blog?

Here is my Result:

NSpeaks Film Rating

And the last one – Pro Blogger Test

Here is my result:

NSpeaks at Pro Blogger Test

So how are you performing?


  1. These are fun to do.
    I just finished doing the addiction one, and my result was 62%. I am off to go do the others now. 😆

  2. Wowie,,,
    Have to try it right now…
    But… I know the results.. It will be 0% 4 everything. :mrgreen:

  3. Not bad Sujith! Good Going. 🙂

  4. Wow nice find! Heres my score:

    70% addicted to blogging FOR THE AWFUL HUGGING of a NAUSEATING SPACE ALIEN 1400$

    Spelling test: 71% (Who cares i have spell checker installed 😛 )

    Blog rating: G

    Problogger: 60% 🙁 Need to be more pro…

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