Google, that is not how I want to backup photos

Google doesn’t love its users. If you don’t believe me, visit Killed by Google or The Google Cemetery and check how many innovative and cool products and services it has shut down in the past.

Anyway, this post is not about that. My problem here is with Google Photos. Something Google may be proud of, but I hate it. And since Google doesn’t love its users, it keeps making changes which no one appreciates. Last such change was when Google killed the sync between Drive and Photos. Which also took away the ability to delete all your Google photos with ease, which you can read more about in my post.

Thing is you click photos and they get saved in your Camera folder. You click photos on your birthday and probably save it to Birthdays folder. You go on a trip and save photos in folders designated for each trip. You attend weddings, friends’ birthdays, parties and you organise photos on your phone in separate folders and albums.

Enter Google photos which promises to take automatic backups of all your photos so that you never lose them. Sounds awesome? Not exactly. Google’s idea of backup is to take all these photos and dump in a single folder where they are organised by dates now. And the only organisation you will get is that you can now browse them via faces, places or things. So if you want to check all photos you clicked during your college festival the only way is to go back to the date if you remember it or browse via a friend’s face from that party. But chances are that you have other photos of that friend too so you will have to go through a lot more photos before you can arrive at what you were looking for.

Google is somewhat aware of this issue. And their solution is why don’t you create albums on Google photos itself? Yeah right. But I already have several hundreds of photos which were with me before you introduced Google Photos. And it’s painful to recreate the albums again. You could have made it easier if you had respected my organisation and backed photos folder wise.

And the worst part is that now almost all Online storage services offer Photos backup in the same way – Dropbox, Onedrive, Nextcloud, etc.

Also, if this is backup then I should be able to restore photos on my new phone. Can I do that? Lol nope. Fuck you, Google. Fuck you for not listening to your customers.