Google, I surrender before you

Today I realised that Pagerank of NSpeaks has again gone back to zero down from four. OMG, NSpeaks has been penalised. 😯

I am still not able to find for what offence I have been penalised. So I tried some damage control measures. Removed 2 posts which were related to paid posting. Remove pagerank information from advertise page, removed my blog from payperpost, removed payperpost code from theme. Maybe it happened because long before I purchased links at 2 bidding directories. Now I will try to recollect if I can remember those directories and get NSpeaks removed from both those directories or not.

Hey Google, I surrender before you. Please forgive me and accept my appology. :mrgreen:

Update: Seems Google listened me and reversed the penalty slapped on my blog. Thank you google…so moral is listen to google and google listens to you. 😉