Google, I surrender before you

Today I realised that Pagerank of NSpeaks has again gone back to zero down from four. OMG, NSpeaks has been penalised. 😯

I am still not able to find for what offence I have been penalised. So I tried some damage control measures. Removed 2 posts which were related to paid posting. Remove pagerank information from advertise page, removed my blog from payperpost, removed payperpost code from theme. Maybe it happened because long before I purchased links at 2 bidding directories. Now I will try to recollect if I can remember those directories and get NSpeaks removed from both those directories or not.

Hey Google, I surrender before you. Please forgive me and accept my appology. :mrgreen:

Update: Seems Google listened me and reversed the penalty slapped on my blog. Thank you google…so moral is listen to google and google listens to you. πŸ˜‰


  1. It may have been because of PPP but if it was it couldn’t have been back. Anyway, it’s good to see that the PR is back.

  2. web designer yorkshire » I don’t know what was the reason I got penalised. But seems they have rectified it now. PR is back. And traffic from google was never affected.

    BTW focus on your site more instead of pr. Focusing on PR won’t give much results. Just keep writing good content. Rest will follow.

  3. I’m a semi pro web and graphics designer, looking into marketing, and I’m really getting fedup of PR. My site is a meager 1, but I dont have time to do any seo or marketing.

    I have done some SEO on a few sites, and PR tends to fluxtuate, but I dont see any reason as to why they’ve penalised you πŸ˜•

  4. » I checked today…NSpeaks PR is back! Maybe it was a glitch or maybe not, but I am happy. πŸ™‚

  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles with Google. Hopefully come the next Pagerank update, your blog will have an even higher PR.

  6. Actually, PR is nothing if we don’t monetize it. Right? :mrgreen:
    Wayne Liew » And that is what Google doesn’t want. πŸ˜† Google does not want sites to make PR a selling factor.

  7. I am not using PPP on my site yet but posts like these made me nervous. I checked my PR after I read this and luckily, it stays the same.

    Actually, PR is nothing if we don’t monetize it. Right? :mrgreen:

  8. ShortShire >> That was just a joke. I don’t think Google takes such posts seriously. :mrgreen:

    Keith >> Using payperpost and being in payperpost blog directory is different. I didn’t even do a single post for PPP. But maybe they are counting all blogs in PPP.

    Rest I will request for reconsideration in next few days and see if Google pays attention to my request and if not then I will have to wait till next PR update. πŸ™„

  9. OMG 😯 I would be cursing PPP for that. 4 to 0? I must be luckier I was only stripped of of my PR2 πŸ‘Ώ

  10. PayPerPost 😯
    Nope I dont think that could be one of reason…
    I know a few bloggers who writes 4 payperpost but their blog’s ranking is not affected yet.

    Hmm Maybe I should also remove my blog from PayPerPost. πŸ˜€

    Fight Back!!! Fill Their MailBox. πŸ˜€

  11. I wonder if google could ever be sued. They are so capricious. Please keep us informed of your steps to google recovery.

  12. Google has reset page rank to 0 for all the blogs that used payperpost. That is the reason you blog page rank has been reset to 0.

  13. I just read one of your old blogs, maybe you shouldn’t put that you are richer than Google and penalized you that way. But email them and fight back

  14. Google has penalized a lot of blogs lately for paid links and many of them are assumptions. Don’t give up just yet, fight back and email them. The Blogherald was penalized and because Google thought they were selling links but they weren’t so recant the post and email Google and ask them what’s going on.

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