Google Chrome on Windows 2000/2k? Works with my method

Disclaimer: This method may not work at all. This post is just for informational purpose. Proceed at your own risk.

Links and Files Updated as of 16 August, 2015

Google Chrome works only on Windows XP and above. Installer won’t even run on Windows 2000. But a japanese guy found a method to make it work on Windows 2000 too. I am listing it below for you.

So here is my method to make Chrome work on Windows 2000.

  1. Make sure you have the following patch in 2000 Installed: Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 (KB891861 and KB935839)
  2. You would also need this patch – KB915985. If your system has it already then you can skip this step.
  3. Download the file (Tested upto Chrome v32).
  4. Run the CHROME2K.exe file after extracting from the cab file and apply settings accordingly.
  5. Download Chrome using the button in CHROME2K.exe after applying the compatible registry and user agent. Do set locale for Chrome before downloading.
  6. And voila, Chrome now runs in Windows 2000.
  7. To uninstall Chrome run the offical uninstaller from Add Remove Programs and then run CHROME2K.exe file, check Display for uninstall and then select Clean up setting registry and Uninstall wrapper registry.

Please report if the above method does not work. Or a fix still needed for above method. Hope my method works for everybody.

Unfortunately its impossible to manage the comments on this post so am shutting down the comments. Most likely you may find the workarounds to make Google Chrome work in this post. If not then I won’t be able to help you out as I don’t use a Windows 2000 machine.


  1. if you have rollup 1 then the MS07-17 and MS07-035 (now MS06-051) should not be required… it says i dont need them. the other is still needed i think..

  2. =======================================
    just summing what i read,
    you need to update Kernel32.dll using MS07-035
    you need to update user32.dll using MS07-017
    you need to update NTDLL.DLL using black cat’s own KB915985-v2
    you need service pack 4 rollup 1 and KB891861 and KB935839 (top instructions)
    *v2 is his.

  3. If your IE crashes after running this, it may be because the User Agent settings weren’t properly written, and the platform key is blank, as it was on my machine. You can manually edit the registry to specify a platform. See for details on how to do that.

  4. Downloaded from the link provided, and AVG Anti-virus identified the archive “” file “CHROME2K.EXE” as containing the virus “Win32/Cryptor”.

  5. My Ie6 crash when push go to chrome web. Any ideas?

  6. Hey, your links don’t work 🙁
    Account Error: Inactive

    Can you please update them I want to use Chrome on my old W2K PC so bad…
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Updated the file. Sorry haven’t checked the method if its still the same but link has been updated. 🙂

  7. I don’t know where the CHROME2K.exe is? is it the chrome file?

  8. The download link for is not working, is there a copy of the file or some body can post another link.


  9. I use ie6 and windows2000.
    But i download your file and unzip.
    It shows “Warning: required User32.dll version 5.2195.7133” when i open this CHROME2K.exe.
    Then i select the win2000 and ie6, and apply the compatible registry and user agent.
    The iexploer have down when i hit this botton “Access Google Chrome Web Site”.
    And i open the chorme.exe then shows “chorme.exe can not find the entrance”.

  10. I use your method and not only does not work but IE6 and Outlook Express STOP working.

    La re-puta mamadre que te recontra mil pario, burro de mierda.

  11. all i say if you got computers running win 2k i think its time for an upgrade

    1. This is not a good point – someone who has to run Win2K for a technical reason deserves to run it without listening to your dumb “suggestions”. If you do not know why certain people have to run Win2K, then you should not be dispensing any of your wise cracks.

  12. Your link to KB915958v2 should be KB915985v2 (swith the last two digits) per the window that opens up. Also, I could not find a Knowledge Base article with KB915985-v2 on the Microsoft site. Can you tell me what this update does? I did find an old reference to KB915985 for Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced Server only from July 26, 2006. Do I need to apply this fix for a Windows 2000 (non-server) machine?

    1. > Do I need to apply this fix for a Windows 2000 (non-server) machine?

      You need to apply it. this file is same as non-server.

  13. I tried your stuff but now my IE 5 is not opening properly

    It is giving me a memory could not be read or written error

    How to revert to the default setting?

    Please be fast

  14. I have installed all the patches required to run Google Chrome in WIN2K in the order given on this page. And when I try running the Browser it gives me this error :

    The procedure entry point not GetGeoInfoW not found in the dynamic linked library KERNEL.dll.

    If someone knows how to tackle this one, please do let me know.



    1. Did you install kernel32.dll wrapper and reboot your pc after install ?

      1. I have the same problem. I installed the wrapper en reboot but I have the same problem again.I have the following error in your installer:
        Kernel32.dll version[5.2195.7099]
        Warning: required Kernel32.dll version 5.2195.7135

        How can I install the 7135 version ?

        1. You had better install MS07-035.

  15. Running win2000 with sp4, installed roll-up 1 (KB892861), KB935839 and KB915958v2.
    When I run CHROME2K.exe, it shows my version of user32.dll is 5.2195.7032 instead of 5.2195.7133. Hence, IE6 flashes and crashes.
    Is there a particular order these updates need to be installed? Which update contains the .7133 dll version?


  16. Awesome thing, dude.

    No really, cool.

    1. Updated the method and file. Hope it works for you.

  17. Dear BlackWingCat:

    I appreciate your efforts, but, with all due respect… your efforts are POORLY ORGANIZED.

    Couldn´t you do a page on Google Sites
    something like
    Clearly showing:

    -The last Google Chrome version available from Google is:
    -The last version known to work on Win2k is: x.xx

    -The latest installer
    Download link.

    Just an idea…


    1. I descripted download link and caution about work on win2k on Help file.
      Please see it.

  18. How do you unzip

    1. Why do you try to use old version installer ?
      Current Version is v0.32



    chrome.exe genere a mistake and will be shutted

    you must restart the program

    and the program never open

    Thanks for help

  20. Hello, When running Chrome2k.exe, presumably I press the “Set compatiable” then “Set user Agent”, then “Clean up Setting registry” .. Do I need to do “Access Chrome Website” (It gives a Russian version of the page)? Do I have to download a new setup file or just use the one I had downloaded just earlier in your instructions?

    “Then clean up registry”?
    After doing these on closing chrome2k I get question “Can you restore UserAgent?” Should I ok that or cancel it?

  21. I try today with version (last version supported in the readme of crm2k019a) and I does’nt work. I managed to install Chrome but it didn’t launch.
    How can I do ?

  22. I released Chrome/Iron Installer 3.0 for Win2000.
    SRWare Iron is supported since this version.

    Caution: Chrome 3.0 and Iron require Win2000-KB915985-v2 and MS07-035 on Windows 2000.

  23. When I “Download Chrome Offline Installer directly from here” I get a message at the end saying I need xp or vista. I have downloaded the “Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 ” but it doesn’t seem to help. Am I missing something painfully obvious here?

  24. Found these instructions in a Google search and want to share my results on 8/31/09. To summarize:

    Install Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4.
    Download and unzip crm2k016 from:
    Run CHROME2K.exe.
    Select Win2k OS and IE6.
    Go through the steps, but DO NOT INSTALL Chrome from the Chrome website! It is too new a version now to work! Instead, install Chrome from:
    and run the install.
    Proceed with CHROME2K’s button sequence (patch, etc.).

    THAT’S IT, works perfectly on my Win2kSP4, old Compaq Deskpro EN 1GHz, 512 RAM!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!

    1. please can you send me by email because the download page is filtered in my country : [email protected].
      Thank you in advance.

  25. Unfortunately this method does not work if your windows 2000 is not set up in English, but is in another language (e.g. Italian in my case)

  26. I had a lot of trouble with the install, now pretty much works except the address bar is blocked out purple. Any advice?

    1. Its same with my problem.

      1. Do you use chrome version between and ?
        This problem was resolved.

        1. I used the offline installer above (v 1.72?) per instructions?

        2. 2.0.172 now, same problem

  27. So I did everything as directed.. the installer loaded.. said it was starting the install process and then it shut off. so i restarted my computer….tried to install it again and it shut off once again. This method doesnt seem to be compatible for me.

    1. Just updated the method. Please try again.

  28. Hardcore Windows 2000 user here. Since Chrome came out, the only version I could ever get working was I’ve been using the crap out of it for over 6 months. Newer versions always crashed or failed to install.

    I am SHOCKED to report SUCCESS tonight installing with blackwingcat’s This whole thing was so damn confusing, especially since I speak English not Japanese. Here is what I did. Googled until I found the full install (sorry I can’t recall where I got it). It is 9MB (NOT 500KB). I renamed that ChromeSetup.exe and put it in my default download folder (goofy requirement of blackwingcat’s hack). Then I ran the crm2k018 CHROME2K.exe hack unpacked in a folder. I had to click each of the buttons from top to bottom. As you proceed, they should light up.

    The install itself happens fast and sometimes doesn’t happen at all. Get to your Docs & Settings Local Data Google Chrome Application folder and verify that the new 2.0 EXE is there and installed. I had to run the install a few times before it worked (WTF?).

    The last step is “Install USer32/Advpi32/Kernel32 Wrapper” (yeah it has a typo, not very confidence-inspiring…). After that you MUST reboot. Then try launching the new Chrome exe right out of the app directory (in your Docs & Settings Local Settings).

    I’m thinking about writing a high quality, native-English, edited web page for this problem so nobody else has to waste 2 hours like I just did!

    1. I released Google Chrome installer for Win2000 v 1.9

      New function

      The Google Chrome can’t install with overwrite older version. I add a button to delete version information.

      after version 1.8 . you don’t have to rename from Mini_Installer.exe to ChromeSetup.exe .
      The ‘Set Compatible Registry’ Button support Mini_Installer.exe. 🙂

      1. I too am a die hard win 2K user. I have also been using a moldy old Chrome ( since I have been happy just being able to run Chrome at all.

        Blackwingcat, where can the 1.9 installer be downloaded? I went to the site and downloaded, but the files are dated from last October. I don’t speak japanese so I have no idea what is being said on that page.

        A google for Chrome and will turn up download links for that Chrome version. I was able to download it from google’s repository.

        Josh, please do write up an install web page, it will save a lot of people a lot of headaches from what I have read on this blog!


        1. why are you guys so hardcore in your use of windows 2000 over windows xp? i can understand that xp runs slowly out of the box than 2000 but if you tweak xp then it can be as fast and stable as 2000.

          1. One answer: MEMORY REQUIREMENTS.

            I have a touch screen internet appliance (actually, several of them) that can only use 256MB in a single SO-DIMM as the maximum amount.

            XP would eat those 256MB just to run the OS.


  29. I have been wondering about this issue for quite sometime.
    Can someone just send an email to Google to make it compatible with WIN 2000, linux, or other system?
    I’m sure they will be glad.
    Thanks for sharing. Hope the best for you.

  30. Crome installed, but

    “The procedure entry point GetUserGeoID could not be located in the dynamic library KERNEL32.dll.”

    I’ve seen that the same error experienced people installing WMP 9 on w2000.

    1. I have used Chrome on Win2k for some time using the various workarounds available. However, in the last couple of days I have had the error message described in the last post. It looks like Google have killed off the Win2k users!

  31. Does it work with the 2.0 version now that it has left its “beta” status?

    I’m afraid that at some point Google might include a check in there not only to display the warning message about OS not supported, but also quit.



    1. Well, I cannot check that since I don’t use Windows 2K myself.

  32. I have tried, and apparently installed chrome successfully on Windows 2000, but when I try to run it, even after running your unreg, I get a Application Error, 0x800000003 occurred in the application at location 0x01002eb1

  33. you fucked my previous Chrome installation!
    I used to have Chrome Meta 0.2.XXX installed in my Win2K
    After running your .reg file, tried running the installer you are linking at, and an “Installer error” shows UP.
    Now, my prevoius running version doesn´t run anymore.
    not even unregistering your changes…


  34. apologies for veering a little off topic, but i couldn’t find another way to reach navjot singh (and blackwingcat if he’s listening).

    after getting chrome running on win 2000, i find that google sketchup ver 7 also refuses to install on win 2000. seems like something similar to the chrome methods should work for sketchup too, but what are the necessary steps?

    thanks, ed

    1. I managed to install Sketchup 7 on my Win 2000 box in the usual fashion for such things, namely to install it first on a borrowed WinXP box, then simply copy the install directory over to Win2K. It won’t appear in the add/remove programs, but it seems to run without any obvious problems or even complaints about running on 2K. It’s pretty dumb that Google have disabled an install on Win2k for no obvious technical reason….

      Graeme Gill.

  35. I did had much better success using blackwingcat’s package to install Google Chrome under Win2k and it worked well.

    Forget about the Google Chrome 2.0 pre-betas. Tried these and they ALWAYS CRASH under Win2000, even with using either NSpeaks or blackwingcats methods. version 2.0 & higher completely incompatible with Win2k.

    1. Please use chrome and

      The chrome version may crashes 80% with loading Addressbar module.

    2. getting closer, thanks. using and a chrome installer, i got it to install here:

      c:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application:
      -rwxrwxrwx 766448 Feb 2 12:25 chrome.exe

      chrome runs and puts up the expected “new tab” window. but when i try to go to any (remote or local) web page, all i get is the frowny face snap message.

      any ideas of things to try much appreciated …

      thanks, ed

    3. success here too using and a chromesetup.exe for it worked on my second try today, after i deleted all accumulated references to google chrome from the registry.

      thanks blackwingcat and other users!


      1. Hello, thank you all for this work !

        Where can I download “” please ?

        Best regards,


  36. Link to Chrome Offline Installer outdated. New build 154.48 here:

    “Since Windows 2000 is officialy termed dead by Microsoft, nobody makes softwares compatible with it.”

    not completely true, NSpeaks. The latest Sun Java software I’m using are still W2k compatible as well as Firefox/Seamonkey/Opera web browsers. oh and Microsoft won’t kill all support for Win2k until July 13, 2010 as noted on these Microsoft support pages:

  37. Be careful of what you install. I just found out that after installing google chrome from this post’s given link, I have noticed that something else has occurred. Somehow, the installer also installs a hidden program “C:\RECYCLER\winrao.exe” but if you try and find it, it’s not there. And starts a service automatically running this winrao.exe file.

    Better back up your registries before applying any of the registry keys. And also take note of the services that run, especially on start-up. The installer will not be detected as a virus but it will install something else other than google chrome.

    1. Which link you are talking about? None of the links I mention in the post contain this file named winrao.exe. This is already a known virus and its source is from somewhere else. Pls recheck. I am linking to direct Google’s site and its not distributing the virus atleast.

  38. Sorry, your method did not work with my system.

  39. I had chrome working wonderfully using blackwingcat’s installer until today when I updated to the new prebeta. Now nada :-(.

  40. en:
    I use W2K with Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 (KB891861) and tried both ways, but without success. Is there any chance to start chrome nevertheless?

    Ich benutze W2K und habe beide Wege ausprobiert, bei mir klappt keiner. Kann man das noch was tun?


  41. Google Chrome comes out of BETA.
    But i still can’t update google chrome.
    sO hmm…

  42. I am not sure if you have to follow the steps
    here or not, but Portable Chrome seemed to work
    for me. Just download, extract,
    then go to the directory and dbl-click
    on ChromeLoader.exe. If it doesn’t work, try
    the steps here, then fire up ChromeLoader.exe

    The latest portable chrome still crashed on me.

    May be you have better luck than me.
    Please post.

    1. Update: Blackwingcat’s procedure right above
      is better. Just follow the steps I have outlined above and you’ll be running
      the latest Chrome. I am now running Chrome, not the portable version any more.

  43. Hi, I’m a author of the batch files to Install Chrome for Windows 2000.
    The way to use chrome2k.reg is too old.
    Please use Chrome 2k installer which released on 4, Octorber.

    1. Thanks, Blackwingcat.
      I went to your blog site above and it’s
      all in Japanese. What should I look for?

        1. I got the file, and ran chrome2k.exe, select Win2k and IE6,
          then clicked on the buttons in seq. The Google download site came up but no
          links to download.

          Anyway, thank you for yours and everyone’s effort here, but I give up on these
          methods and go with the portable chrome option I mentioned here. I just download,
          extract, and go, that’s it.

        2. If you select Win2k and IE6, it will have no effection.
          It makes IE change user agent compatible for any environment. You must select XP and IE6.

          I wrote the document ‘Only Click ordinary press button.’

        3. Select XP and IE6 worked great!!! I am adding to this blog from Chrome!
          I am now running Chrome without any problems. Thank you, Blackwingcat!!
          for not giving up on me.

          Here are the steps
          0/ Download from link …360097.html above, and extract.
          1/ Fire up Chrome2K.exe
          2/ Leave settings at XP and IE6
          3/ Click “set compatible Reg” then “Set UserAgent” … this enables the 3rd
          button “Access Chrome Web site”
          4/ Click on 3rd button to go to Google download site, then click Download from site
          5/ After Google finished downloading and installing Chrome, click “Patch to …”,
          then click “Install User32 …”
          6/ Reboot without clicking the last button “Clean up”
          7/ When computer is up, click Start/Programs/Google Chrome/Google Chrome

          1. oh that was going so good! i was following your steps exactly (except the download is now, until well into step 5, the google installer — actually googleupdate.ex is what procexplorer called it — stopped responding after a minute or so of good-looking downloading and installing activity. i waited for a while, then killed googleupdate.ex and closed chrome2k.exe, accepting its offer to reset user agent.

            so close, it seems … is there any hope for me?

            thanks all, ed

          2. Tried this about 10 days ago on Win2k SP4 under VMWare 6.5. Chrome installed and running fine using above instructions.

  44. None of the steps worked for me. 🙁
    1/ Install rollup 1 – ok
    Reboot computer – ok
    2/ Install chrome2k.reg – ok
    3/ None of chrome_installer.exe worked.
    All of them did nothing when
    The ChromeSetup.exe from Mangus
    seemed to run…..eSetup.exe
    4/ Fire up Chrome – didn’t run nor
    showed anything.
    Install unchrome.reg – didn’t help
    either. Also tried to reinstall
    everything and unchrome.reg before
    rinning Chrome – not working either.

    In summary, I didn’t get any error
    dialogs, but nothing could be started
    either. The only step that seemed to
    have done something was 3/ with ChromeSetup.exe

    Did I missed something, or anybody else
    had same problems?
    Thanks for all your effort.

  45. Not working for me 🙁 I installed it but when i starting it it shows that chrome doesnt support win2k and then i press ok it shows “chrome.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program.
    An error log is being created”
    any suggestions to solve this problem ?

    1. Did you try the new update in method as: So try this. After running chrome2k.reg, run the installer and then run unchrome.reg file and now run Chrome Browser?

      Did you try this? And which version of Chrome are you running?

  46. It works !! except for nagging chrome warning “does not support win2000 bla2” everytime chrome start.
    I used win2000 professional SP4 + Google chrome ver
    Just reg , install, unreg and… the chrome runs smoothly 😀

  47. Thanks for this information. This method worked for me (Win2k Pro). The only apparent problem is that that updater doesn’t function. I had to run ‘unchrome.reg’ to get Cbrome to work – maybe that has something to do with it.

  48. What is problematic(in my case) until now in Google Chrome when running under Windows 2000 pro sp4

    a)When I first installed it seemed to import all the
    Firefox 3.0.3 Bookmark folders and put them in the SAME position(for example on toolbar). but when I checked even all folders tree was there folders were empty and bare links weren’t imported.When I tried again, now with the Chrome installed, it imported all bookmarks intact but put it in “other bookmarks”. When I restarted Chrome all folders in firefox bookmarks inside other bookmarks and any bare bookmark was gone.

    b)Online PDF documents aren’t displayed at all!

    c)Flash plugin or shockwave crashes quite frequently when watching videos on Youtube

  49. Is there a way to download the new 154.0 official build (url) ?

  50. After reading all the posts and the dialog between Blackwingcat and nspeaks in this page I reinstalled using the automated GUI blackwingcat:

    1-Update-checking started working
    2-list-boxes are at least usable(after restarting pc)
    3-No dialog box when starting chrome

    Now this GUI is somehow complicated(what it does) for me, and someone, please, should explain it step by step. For example what “clean up registry” button does? How one can uninstall chrome now? Will automatic updating from google work (now that in ABOUT menu, chrome finds that I have the latest chrome)?
    In the previous method we first used chrome.reg and then unchrome.reg …Now we stay with the changed registry? Can this method be used only for chrome or other xp-programs can be installed in windows 2000 too?

    1. Clean Up Registry will clean the settings created by option Set COmpatible Registry.

      You can uninstall Chrome first from Add/Programs Option in Control panel and then run this patch and chose clean up registry and uninstall wrapper registry options.

      No You don’t stay with changed registry. It will revert the options back.

      This method works only for Chrome. Can’t say for other softwares and pls don’t try this with other XP only softwares.

  51. I recognize cause of the problem.
    Please do reload the EULA (Google Chrome Terms of Service) Page.
    Then your setting is applied at once.

    And I released chrome installer for Win2000 v 1.1 .

  52. > when I select English language version, it still downloads the japanese installer.

    It doesn’t depends on my software but Windows Local Setting.
    I try to change local to English-us then installer show messages in English.
    But the install have no difference as Launguage.
    if your chrome displays other launguage, then
    Please change following file.
    \Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Local State

    “intl”: {
    “app_locale”: “it” <- here

  53. >>it will open japanese site in both language versions.

    Sorry I fixed now. (Only chromec.htm is Changed 😛 )

    1. And now it will open English versions in both versions. I meant it should open japanese site in japanese version and english site in english version.

      Hope you understand.

  54. I have created new chrome2k installer.
    It can disable warning message, and fix combobox problem.
    let’s download from my blog.
    This application supports English and japanese.

    Blackwingcats last blog post..Google Chrome in a more user-friendly Windows2000

    1. Your Installer seems to have a problem…when I select English language version, it still downloads the japanese installer…pls fix it making it to download english version if english language is selected as it will open japanese site in both language versions.

    2. And for some strange reason, I cannot comment on your blog…for some strange reason a error page opens which I cannot decipher.

  55. I can confirm insallation went fine using above method :
    1 – run chrome2k.reg
    2 – install chrome
    3 – run unchrome.reg
    I also confirm updates are not available “update server not available : error 3”.

  56. Application shortcuts doesn’t work for me in Windows 2000 pro. I click the “Create application shortcut…” but nothing moves. Have we installed gears with this method described here?

    1. I hate to reply myself but I couldn’t help.
      As I was saying, I couldn’t make “application shortcuts” work. The steps I followed:
      1-“reg”(see above)
      2-install gears(an msi file from google gears). Since it’s only for xp-vista it doesn’t show up in google gears. So I grubbed it from a link from inquirer’s article(see above)
      4-run chrome, now you can create app. shortcuts
      Now, I don’t know if the “parallel thing” for javascript works, or if any database for offline viewing is created in windows 2000, but at least shortcuts(gmail, docs) work.

  57. I’ll Try it THANKS!! 😀

  58. Why you want to disable warning message when Chrome starts?
    Just rub Chrome and never stop it, you will not see that message too often. 🙂

  59. Thanks, the final instruction order works just fine. I find it funny that the software warns you about using it with Win2k, when it’s designed to not even be installable on the OS haha. As for people wondering about future hacks needed to successfully run on Win2k, unfortunately as of the summer of 2009 MS will no longer be supplying bug fixes for win2k, and I think a lot of stragglers, me included, will be heading to a new OS at that time. As for me I have already purchased win2k just after the retail version stopped being produced, and will likely install it by new years 🙁

    1. Err I mean I have already purchased XP.

      1. Ok I must be super tired haha, bug fix support ends summer *2010*, but as XP stopped being produced for retail channels I decided I had better get a copy

  60. Is there any way to disable Chrome to give the message “Google Chrome does not support windows 2000 etc.” ????

    1. “The Inquirer” mention the japanese blogger and a method which is way above normal user capabilities. With this hack, which the author of Inquirer’s article sarcastically question it’s “lawfulness”, if you “patch at offset 0008F317 the sequence of bytes “83 F8 01” with “83 F8 00″ -on build 149.29- the dialogue goes away.”. The japanese is using a hex editor, and to my understanding talking about the chrome version0.2.149.29 and not the last version. Anyway the Inquirer article:

      P.S. Unfortunately this article doesn’t mention NSpeaks as a source.

      1. My nickname “chrome” has nothing to do with google as you understand, at the time it looked funny.

      2. Thanks for the information…Will add it to the post.

  61. Does anybody know how to disable the message “google chrome does not support windows 2000” etc.

  62. I seeing several chrome.exe in processes one for each tab… huh original idea…

    install went find
    had to jump through som hoops to get it installed
    but it’s working a charm…

    thx 1000 x

  63. thx 1000 x

    I updated to sp4
    then did the rollup
    ran the chrome reg
    installed … it took a while importing the favorites etc…
    ran unchrome reg
    starts w/an error message like everyone else

    options menu is truncated for me too
    I noticed that when I launch chrome
    I have two chrome processes running in
    …Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
    even though the two use less memory then firefox
    I find this a little strange…
    anyone else have this..?

  64. Thanks.

    For me the steps
    1) chrome2k.reg
    2) chrome_installer.exe
    3) unchrome.reg
    got thing working perfectly

  65. I know this has been asked before but once installed and running can it be updated, has anyone successfully done this or must one install the latest version?

    1. @Bud: To update it, just open the About Google Chrome window and check whether it says update available or not. Since I don’t use Windows 2000, I can’t check it.

      1. Where can we find the most recent version number, which becomes part of the download URL? (Trying shorter paths of this URL leads to “Not found”, rather than to an index of versions :p )

    2. In the About Google Chrome window it says: “Update sever not available (error: 3???, possibly truncated by OK button) 👿

  66. Very grateful to you for publishing this hack/workaround. It is a fine and fast browser and integrates perfectly with the Ajax offerings of Google. The only thing I have discovered that does not work with wk2 is the Create Application Shortcuts feature.

  67. Brilliant, works a treat! Thanks very much! 🙂

    1. Difference is that above link you gave is to the installer which is just 474KB which further downloads full offline installer from net. The link which I gave is of full download of 7.34MB which saves you from redownloading if you need to reinstall or distribute among your friends.

  68. Informative post!It has really worked for me and I am able to use Google chrome on Window 2000. Thanks a lot!

    J Maggals last blog post..Ease the Headache of Saving Files

  69. A problem I encountered using chrome in windows 2000:

    When trying to open a local html page using the context menu(right click on file and select “open with chrome”), chrome offers to…save the page and save it using an equivalent DOS name(LAYERS~1.HT~)!

    Is this the situation with all of you people or just me? How it can be fixed?

    1. Opening a local HTML page via the file’s context menu, displays it in chrome. The URL shows _short_ filenames. ^_^ Menu item “Save as…” (attached to the small page icon on the address bar) works as expected; the page title is suggested as a _long_ filename. 8)

      1. If I understand well you are saying that in Windows 2000 (sp4 ?) opening a local HTML page WITH CHROME via the file’s context menu gets the page with it’s SHORT name and my particular machine(gui, windows applications) is unable to handle short names so chrome tries to save it with it’s short name instead opening it. Right? But when I write c:\picsgi~1 in windows explorer address bar it goes to c:\picsgiffiles
        As a workaround I put another entry in html file’s handling(“open with chrome” from folder options-filetypes) using “C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” “%1” “%*” only(other fields blank). It works but opens 2 pages one the intended page, and another one theIndex of C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxxx\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application.2.149.30\ . Any idea?

  70. Hello.. I would like to run the portable version of chrome on a win2k machine (IT Lockdown prevents us to install things).. Now ive downloaded the reg files but the problem is i cant add the reg files also because of the IT lockdown.

    Do any of you guys know how to convert the provided reg file to a vbscript so that the key would be directly added to the registry? (i think it would work because i saw some vbscript on my work computer modify registry keys)..

    Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks..

  71. After encountering much problem same as stated with the above comments, and working on it for a few days now, I finally was able to make it right with the most recent instruction you had updated here. And I’m now using Google Chrome to view this blog entry and type for this comment…
    I thank you so much for the knowledge you share here that made it possible for me to run Chrome on my Windows 2000…

  72. Thanks for the method Navjot! It worked with the reg-unreg method.
    I wonder why Google ignores a 3% of the potential customers-users. Opera’s share is 3%. On OSs Linux has ~3% and Google rightfully preparing a linux edition, so what’s with the windows 2000? It’s apparent that we will stick with this OS since we haven’t “upgraded” to XP yet.

    By the way, could there be a security issue present, other than small deficiencies, by using a “not supported” browser(as chrome reminds it every time I open it)?

  73. nice trick. I doubt not many people manage to know about this one. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

    I already try chrome. Its good and loading fast! 😉

  74. Thanks a lot, your latest solution worked here.
    However it’s only the first release of Google Chrome, how can you update it ?

    1. When I go to “About Google Chrome”, the “Checking for updates…” returns “Update server not available (error: 7)”.

      I am also wondering how we can get updated versions on Windows 2000. Anybody have any ideas?

  75. Running unchrome.reg after installation fixed things. 🙂

    Did anybody notice, that list boxes in option dialogs are squeezed flat, and become unusable? And many button captions are wider than their button (they’re truncated on both sides). 🙁

  76. Yup. Running unchrome.reg post-installation fixed things. Thanks for the tips and files – I’m glad to get a look at the program that all this fuss is about. I’m impressed by the core functionality, but the thing really needs lots more interface and display options before it’s ready to be my primary browser. I’ll look into the matter again when it’s out of beta, I think.

  77. I tried it on my old inspirion laptop but I also had to follow the last instruction. I ran the Unchrome reg file and now the Google Chrome works. It just has a message saying that “some of the features might not work with Windows 2000.” Thanks for the help NSpeaks!

  78. u’re welcome, it fact thanks for posting it. u really made my life a little easier today ..

  79. I concur. Running chrome after running unchrome.reg seems to work perfectly. Bravo!

  80. For all you who are still facing problems, pls after running the installer, run unchrome.reg and then run the browser. It should run as reported by fellow commentors. I have updated the method stating this fact.

    1. this does work…chrome looks fine, lets see if it rocks 😉

    2. Thanks this worked…. Now I can have chrome on my old pc too.

  81. Same as Heribert Slama, installer ran, but when I try to open Chrome I get a message: “Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now?” (clicking OK instead of Cancel simply gives the same message again)

    This is in my chrome_installer.log:

    [0910/] Return status of Chrome browser registration 0

  82. Calling unchrome.reg after installation does the trick.
    Chrome showed a message that it isn’t supporting win2k but is starting anyway

  83. This method absolutely works. I have now installed chrome on 3 machines all win2k and it works really well on all three. Its important to run the registry file and your win2k must be up to date. The only thing that I can think of for why it is not working on some computers is that I am using a chromesetup file I downloaded on day one of its release. Maybe google have altered the file. Another thought is that you must run the fix before you start the download.

  84. Same for me, installed fine but crashes every time I run it instantly.

  85. It has installed but does not run. It crashes similar to what the other people are getting. I uninstalled it.

  86. Worked for me :
    1 – run chrome2k.reg
    2 – install chrome
    3 – run chrome => KO
    4 – run
    5 – run chrome => warning => OK :p

    1. Zdeu has the right idea. Its that simple. I have been on almost every blog looking for a solution for the first week. When Chrome was introduced. Now I tried this and it worked. However, you do need to download and install the rollup 1 for sp4. that’s a must. don’t assume you have it. install it. then run chrome2k.reg. then download the chrome installer from this website. Don’t try one you previously downloaded or transferred to your computer. install it. then run unchrome.reg. And then run Google Chrome. You will have an error stating “Google Chrome is not Supported for Windows 2000” Press OK. and Wha La. Eureka Google Chrome on Windows 2000.

  87. Same Error on my setup too. I was able to install witout any problem but NOT able to run.

    Config Win2K, Pentium III,256MB RAM
    The application, , generated an application error The error occurred on 09/10/2008 @ 13:05:24.110 The exception generated was 80000003 at address 01002FF3 ()

  88. Similar breakpoint error upon launch.
    “(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x01002ff3.”

  89. The new .reg files allow it to be installed, but now it crashes when you try to actually run the browser. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained…

  90. It crashes when run on Wk2

  91. my first reaction was – wow great browser

    but might lack plugins for it at the moment

  92. For those who are seeing errors…I have updated the file. Pls redownload and then tell if the hack works now. Should work now if I have got the problem right.

    1. Installer imports bookmarks, history etc., but program start fails. chrome_installer.log: “[0910/] Return status of Chrome browser registration 0
      “. :sick:

  93. I get the same result as Watomx, starts to run and silently exits. I have all the latest service packs/rollups/hotfixes on 2k.

    It does create a one line log file in the profile “Local Settings\Temp” dir named chrome_installer.log with the contents:

    “[0908/] Chrome only supports Windows XP or later”

    Methinks google may have rolled up a smarter version to thwart the 2k hack.

    I too prefer 2k over XP. I have XP and Vista machines, but my daily driver is a hot rodded 2k box and will remain so, even though it isn’t my fastest box by a long shot. Oh well, at least FF3 is a solid improvemnet over v2.

  94. Dear NSpeaks, where can I find *your* post? I can only see the comments ;-(

    1. Can you show a screenshot what you are seeing and in whicb browser? I can see the post correctly in all browsers.

      1. I’m using FF 3.0.1 with the AdBlock Plus extension. This extension suppressed the text of your post following the Title, “Published” and “Tags” lines. I couldn’t locate the “offending” filter, yet, but I’m trying hard. With ABP disabled I can see everything.

        1. I’ve found the culprit: the posting’s text is marked up with . AdBlock Plus removes all div elements whose id ends in “_ads”. (Using rule: #div(id$=_ads).) Since your text isn’t part of an ad, you might assign a different id (but I’m no HTML/CSS expert!). 8)

        2. I also use Adblock Plus on FF 3.0.1. It does not block content here. Looks fine here.

  95. Same as Watomx said, ain’t nuttin happens, yawn’ers

  96. Followed your instructions but when I click on chrome_installer.exe nothing happens, the task manager shows it starts but suddenly the process just disappears and does nothing, any suggestions?

    1. same here, nothing happens when I run the installer

  97. thanks… i will try

  98. I execute chrome_installer, nothing happens.
    My Win 2k has SP 4 and I run both the MS Rollup and the registry modification of

    The chrome_installer.log.log is as follows:

    [0908/] Chrome only supports Windows XP or later

  99. I got the same erro as Omid.Anyway ,i still prefer to use firefox.

  100. I recieve error :
    The exception Breakpoint
    A breakpoint has been reached
    (0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x010013b3

  101. Well I have on old notebook with Win 200 on it so this might be interesting to try out. But I tried the Chroe on Vista, and I still like Firefox better.

  102. Thank you. This is much more readable in English. I am wondering if someone could explain what the change registry files are doing and the values inside the files. I am a little wary of changing the registry especially from downloading random things from the Web.

    Also wondering if there have been any problems with running Chrome on Windows 2000. If it is such a simple hack, then why does Google not provide support for Windows 2000?

    1. Actually registry hack makes the executable files that come with Chrome run under Windows XP Compatibility mode. That’s it. And if you feel unsafe by using the registry hack, undo those changes using unchrome.reg file.

      Nothing harmful is done using that registry file.

      Since Windows 2000 is officialy termed dead by Microsoft, nobody makes softwares compatible with it.

      1. Many thanks to NSpeaks!

        Thanks to you, I was able install Google Chrome successfully even in a 10-year old Compaq desktop computer with 700 MHz and 550 MB RAM and Windows 2000 professional. It is now opening and closing websites fast and without problems.

        A note for other users who might use the same method:

        At first, I had some trouble with the new browser, although I followed all the instructions on this website. My own website, which requires Java, did not open properly. But things went better, after I temporarily closed the Google Web accelerator, which also has caused trouble on other browsers, when I tried to play Youtube videos, but only got the note: “This video is not available anymore.” After closing the web accelerator, Google Chrome had no difficulty loading the required Java program on my two Windows 2000 professional machines.

        Some additional smaller problems, executing searches in Google as well as opening exotic websites all solved themselves after using Chrome for half an hour or so and rebooting several times.

        I’m really happy, and I can postpone buying new computers for some additional time!

        1. Good to see the trick working for you.

  103. Unfortunately, my HDD with Win2k seems to be crashed, so I can’t test your method and give feedback for now. 🙁

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