Getting out of Technorati Troubles

Recently I have seen many popular blogs having problems with Technorati. When my blog got delisted from Technorati, I thought I was the only one but then there are lot others like me facing this problem.

My Blog was not once but twice delisted from Technorati. Both times I send them mail via their support form. I received replies both time from a proper person both times though it took 4-5 days for reply to come. After both replies problems did got resolved. Well I heard that one should disable bzip compression on wordpress to work with Technorati properly. But even after that my blog got delisted second time. Maybe Technorati has some internal troubles which is causing so much blogs to get delisted or not indexing their posts. I hope they resolve the problems soon.

I can only suggest you to report each problem via their support form whenever your blog is facing problems at Technorati. Important TIP: Whenever you contact if your blog got delisted from technorati, choose your support type: Tags and then checkmark “Blog Tags – My blog is not listed in the Blog Directory successfully”. They will do reply and problems does get fixed. But they need to find a permanent solution to this otherwise people will loose trust in Technorati.