Get your Site indexed in less than 24 hours

Well atleast Eli of says that about using his QUIT tool. Though this tool was released way back in 2006, but I found about it just half an hour ago. 😆

This tool claims to get your site indexed in major search engines in less than 24 hours. Normally google and yahoo takes 2-5 days to index a site and sometimes even longer. Don’t remember how much time took to get indexed though. But here that is not important. Tool is basically a script where you fill your site details and submit them.

Screenshot for reference:


How does this script does it where there are several thousand scripts claiming to do the same. Eli answers by giving 4 major techniques used by this tool which includes submitting to 6 major social bookmarking sites using multiple accounts, pinging some servers, telling googlebot that your site has fresh content and various other undisclosed techniques.

But should we rely on such a tool?

Personally I would not recommend such tools but some users at the site claimed success. You can try but don’t think that you will be always successful with such tools. Best way still remains the legal Google , MSN and Yahoo! Add url pages. 😎

Offtopic: Forgive me for not posting in last 3 or so days. Was a bit unwell and suddenly ideas went awry. Now I seem to be back on track. Till then read this as a compensation for my absence 😉 : What Happens when a Blog Shuts down for 24 hours.


  1. hi nice post, i enjoyed it

  2. All my pages are currently indexed in google. The fact is that, you should post unique content on a regular basis and have a decent posting frequency. Your site would be indexed in a few weeks easily. After that, the process is continual and you needn’t put in any further work on that.

  3. Have to try this too…..
    It wont hurt..its free.. 😆
    Thanks for telling…Even I didnt knew about it. hehe.

  4. Yeah! I search for backlinks by using My blog is also zero backlinks 😡

  5. Which query you used to search nspeaks in google? Backlinks are currently zero in google but 89 pages are indexed in google of nspeaks.

  6. I just tried it already. I am so upset about whenever I search in google for link, there is no result come up. Let’s see any link really increase or not! Btw, your site also don’t show anything in Google link search 😈

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