Get your Wordpress Blog Installed/configured for Free

Does that sound to you a little tempting? Though everybody says working on WordPress is a breeze, but for a person who has never blogged before or for first time WordPress user, getting through the WordPress and its jargon can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. And support for WordPress out there is mostly community based and searching for the right answers can be time consuming and tedious at times.

Well I am now providing you with a unique WordPress Install Service which will help you with setting up of your first WordPress blog, getting a cool theme for it and a set of essential plugins/addons for it. I will also submit your blog to major search engines. I will also optimise it for SEO, Adsense and setup feed subscriptions on your blog and even email notification for new posts. My package also includes services like securing your blog against attackers.

A Recap of the services I offer:

  • Brand New Installation or Migration of WordPress’s latest version (Currently at 3.0.1).
  • Plugins installation and configuration.
  • Theme Installation/Configuration of your choice.
  • Submission of Blog to Search Engines
  • XML Sitemap Creation/Submission
  • Custom Permalinks Setup
  • Feedburner Setup
  • Google Webmasters/Analytics Configuration

    All this for only $39 if you have hosting already.

    There is an advanced package offering few more additions for $59:

    • Securing your Blog
    • Robots.txt File Setup
    • Ad Slots/Adsense Integration
    • Custom Email Id Setup
    • .htaccess Tweaks

    And if you don’t have hosting, then you can buy hosting using Hostgator. I will give you a coupon which will give you first month for just $0.01! If you buy hosting from us, this service is free(both packages)! I can also give you 20% off on your hosting package.

    There is a blog transfer service as well. Check Services Page for it.

    How to proceed?
    Contact Me if you are interested and I will help you get forward.


    Q. Do you provide design services for the theme or logo?

    A. Sorry, we are not into design at the moment. But we will guide you to getting the right theme and to the right designer.

    Q. What are the modes of payment?

    A. We accept payments via PayPal. You don’t even need PayPal account to pay, just use an International Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club) for payment.


    1. where to get shared hosting with quality same to VPS hosting?

    2. i new comer, i want buy domain and hosting, could you tell me, where i can get a powerfull domain n hosting for my WP?

    3. ……I am attempting to create a blog; however, my inroduction to WordPress was 3 days ago……

      #1 I want gold Star icons next to my pages in the side bar – all my attempts end up having the icon inside a box, uuggggghhhh!
      #2 I would like to have actual SPACE (the space should be my background) in between each post not crunched together like the test post are….Right now my TEST posting will not show (last service I hired did this) i would like to have a a sentence or 2 viewable and then a link to continue reading the entire post.
      #3 I would like to have a more attractive looking comments forum set up (to include gravatar, date stamp, name , email requirements, numbered comments, etc…) – the comment set up now does not go well with my blog design
      #4 I would like my posting titles that I entered to be customized font/color if possible
      #5 I need a nice manageable photo gallery
      #6 I also want to post videos in my sidebar (LEFT) youtubes mostly EXAMPLE:”video of the week”
      #7 I need my RSS set up properly
      #8 customized paypal button that fits my blog
      #9 Optimize for search engines



      1. Your job has been completed.

    4. Are there any free premium WP templates ?

      1. I don’t design or create templates. Though I will guide you through resources where you can select templates for your blog.

    5. Nice service you have going here.

      I design custom blog themes. I was wondering if you would be interested in referring customers my way? Let’s discuss the details.

      1. You will receive a email soon in this regard from me.

    6. I want to ordre one for my website, I saw a job that someone did for a friend of mine and it wasn’t terrible, but it wasnt that great either

      1. You have received a email from me.

    7. Are you offering discount for bulk commands? I might have some clients for you.

      1. Yes, I do offer bulk discounts. I would love to hear from your referred clients. Contact me for bulk discounts and offer.

    8. I want ask you the blog in english or I can use it in my blog with different language such as arbic because I want to ordre one for my website, I saw a job that someone did for a friend of mine and it wasn’t terrible, but it wasnt that great either.I mean I feel like I can do something with the quality that they were offering, or better pretty soon.

    9. Blog with support. Nice offer because without support it may not be beneficial..

    10. Hello. That is a pretty good deal. My question is why don’t you try and market this on forums to beginners to IM? For example “Finally Get a WP Blog” or something like that? Or better yet have you considered taking this offer off line? You might make a killing doing that. Once I know how to start building sites better (meaning without using blogger) I think I’m going to start selling sites myself offline. I saw a job that someone did for a friend of mine and it wasn’t terrible, but it wasnt that great either. I mean I feel like I can do something with the quality that they were offering, or better pretty soon.

      Anyways it’s just a thought.

      1. I do try to advertise this offer on various Webmaster forums. And regarding to promoting it offline, I don’t come across many people who are interested in getting their sites done. Blame my surroundings but yes whenever I come across one or two persons who want to get their sites made, I do tell them about my offer and skills!

    11. hmmm… it,s great idea but I want you make the e-book for seo too and open the consultation with various sugestion for all

      1. Open the consultation with suggestions? Can you please elaborate this?

    12. nice offer but how long i can see my blog is on after purchase it.

      1. Depends on the complexity of the project. Normal Simple Setup can be done within few hours of receipt of payment.

    13. Nice offer you have here, i will order a blog soon!

    14. so how do i get this $20 support from?

      1. Just click the above purchase links and you will receive mail from me within 24 hours regarding how to proceed with setup.

    15. I want ask you the blog in english or I can use it in my blog with different language such as arbic because I want to ordre one for my website

      1. Sorry, I work only in English language blogs. You can try yourself at – the latest available version is 2.6.3.

    16. Great offe from you, anyway about the 5 theme you provide did we can choose from other website like themeforest (you bought) or you provide some theme and we choose?

      1. You can choose from any theme…I can suggest themes but I will not buy any theme. You can buy a theme which you like and I will happily install it for you with some modification if needed.

    17. Nice offer. My friend is planning to have an English blog. he asked me to teach him, but i can’t. good you have this offer. i will refer him to you. if he likes it he will be contacting you.

      1. Thanks for the referral. I will wait for his reply.

    18. It’s too nice, I’ve just start my own blog.

    19. Nice offer.

      It’s too nice to be true. I’ll be glad if it true.
      I’ve just start my own blog, and host at the same hosting.
      But it’s far far away and costly than what you offer.
      It’s a little bit confusing for me..

      Any more explanation?

      1. Yes its true….if you buy hosting from Hostgator using my link, at the cost of $20, I will install your Blog, plugins, themes and optimise it completely. I will also provide you support for 20 days from the day of install. If you encounter any problem/need any help – you can ask in those 20 days. I will also coach you about wordpress basics so that you feel comfortable with your next install.

        I can provide Discounts for more than one blog if you want.

        Buy from or the links provided above in the post.

    20. Nice offer you have here, i will ordre a blog sone!

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