Update: (5 October 2022) I no longer can recommend Atlantic Hosting. For the past couple of months, their performance has been subpar. Infact, logging into their control panel is near to impossible at the first try. The backend keeps timing out, and the server uptime is not good as well. I have removed my affiliate links from the post.

Recently I chanced upon Atlantic Hosting which offers affordable cloud Virtual Private Servers. If you are new to Linux servers and want something to test, you will be glad to know that Atlantic is offering a trial VPS for 1 year at no cost. The VPS ( comes with 1 CPU Core and 2 GB RAM. You will get 50 GB disk space along with 3 TB bandwidth which should be sufficient for personal websites and apps. If you just want a VPS for testing or if you just want to get your feet warm, this is an ideal offer.

Atlantic also bundles 50 GB of free Block Storage and 50 GB of snapshots for 1 year. Right now they are offering Block Storage only in USA-East-1 (Orlando, FL) region so if you want to avail both the server and block storage, make sure your server is hosted in the same region.

To avail the free VPS, just signup for an account and opt for G3.2GB Cloud Plan while adding a new server.