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Jobberbase Logo
Jobberbase Logo

Last time I talked about having a job board on your website was about a theme. Now I see whole web complaining that that theme is outdated and has lots of bugs and moreover the developers of the theme have no support. Infact the for the customers whom I referred that theme, I haven’t received any payment till now. I have now removed all links to that theme on that post.

This time I want to suggest you a new Job Board titled Jobberbase. It has lots of cutting edge features and is in active development. Let’s take a look at its features:

  1. Employers can post Jobs without registering
  2. Employers can get Job Applications directly to their email id
  3. Powerful Ajax based Job search
  4. RSS feeds for jobs and categories
  5. Jobs can be of any custom type or predefined (FullTime, Part-time and Freelance)
  6. Widget support to show jobs from the job board on any html page
  7. Sitemap and Contact Pages Included
  8. Powerful Admin Panel
  9. Beautiful SEO permalinks for each url
  10. Recaptcha Spam Support
  11. Jobs can take a online application or specify offline application methods
  12. Featured/Spotlight Jobs
  13. Default url structure of job board is editable
  14. All settings and page navigation is handled from Admin Area
  15. Lots of custom hacks available to extend its features
  16. Active development – ensures that this board will never be dead

You can check out a demo at Jobberbase Demo Site.

Though currently it does not have any payment system, you can hire any developer to code it for you. Lot of developers are available on the forums which can extend your board and even setup custom themes for you. Support is handled at their forums actively.

The best part is that Jobberbase is completely free to use. So go ahead and setup your own job board.