Firefox 3 Add Exception Dialog Hack

Firefox 3 promised to improve security for the users but it came at the cost of usability. The unpopular Add Exception prompt is driving me and many other users nuts when we have to add an exception for genuine sites like, and I was trying hard to find some hidden option to disable this prompt completely. But Firefox developers have put not even a hidden setting to remove this prompt completely.

My Hack is not complete solution to this problem but still makes it easier to add exceptions and browse the sites easily.

Type about:config in your firefox’s address bar and

set browser.ssl_override_behavior = 2


set browser.xul.error_pages.expert_bad_cert = true

Now this won’t remove that prompt completely but atleast you won’t have to retrieve certificate manually as it will be prefetched now.


  1. I also downloaded Firefox 3 and for the most part it’s awesome. That being said thank you, thank you, thank you for this upgrade on the exceptions problem. Firefox will get it together eventually but this is great for the time in between.

  2. i have use firefox v.3, and i think that’s cool..

  3. I was one of the horde who downloaded FF3 on the first day. After one quick use, I’m back to FF2.0.0.14. At least it works consistently for my use. I’ll wait until more “features” are fixed using hacks like this one before venturing back into the FF3 waters.

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