Extend Twitter’s Inline Previews with Embedly

Twitter is continuously enhancing its web service by constantly adding new features like a new interface, inline previews for videos and photos, the ability to upload photos, photo galleries, a URL shortener, and now an activity tab. For these very reasons I have stopped using a client to access Twitter and rely totally on the Twitter web as long as I am logged in from my PC. Twitter’s Inline preview of photos and videos is one of the best features they have added and end up saving quite a number of clicks to view the media attached. But now with the help of a simple browser extension, you can preview almost any link shared inline without ever feeling the need of going to that site. Embedly, a service that converts embedded links to embedded videos, photos and rich content has released Parrotfish, an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. After installing this extension, when you open Twitter.com, you can see buttons on almost any link shared on your timeline which tells you that you can preview those links inline. Just click on the tweet and you will see full content instead of just the tweet and the link.

Embedly supports 165 providers and even parses the RSS feed to show the content if the provider is not officially supported. Parrotfish not only supports inline previews but also supports Instapaper so that you can save the link to your Instapaper account from where you can read it later when you find the time. Just fill in your account details in the extension’s options and you are good to go. Embedly also checks each URL for malware content and warns if it finds anything suspicious. It also supports HTML5 video and audio tags so all those direct media file links get converted into respective video/audio players.

Check the screenshots below on how Parrotfish improves the Twitter.com web experience.