Easiest Way to Secure your Wordpress Admin

There are lot of ways to secure your wordpress Administration Panel which includes .htaccess blocking, Banning several Ips, using SSL for admin login and various other techniques. These techniques are advanced and require time and knowledge to implement. There is a very simple trick which can safeguard your WordPress Administration Panel. Ok, the tip which i am mentioning is not very advanced in terms of security but should be your first step to securing your wordpress panel.

The Trick is to change your WordPress Login username. By default a new wordpress install gives a default username to the administrator: admin Most of hackers thus know the username of your admin panel and just need to crack your password. So change your administration username as soon as possible. This is the most basic and necessary security step which each wordpress user should implement.

To implement, login to your PhpMyAdmin and browse the table wp_users and edit the entry of your username and change username from admin to any unique username. Don’t use dictionary words.

If you don’t have PhpMyAdmin then use this sql query to change your username:
[sql light=”true”]update tableprefix_users set user_login=’newuser’ where user_login=’admin’;[/sql]
Where tableprefix is your wordpress tableprefix. In most of cases its wp_users

Update: With the release of WordPress 3.0, you wouldn’t need to do that now since on a fresh WordPress Install, you are asked for a custom username and password before installing.


  1. Sometimes the simple tips are the best. Thanks 😉

  2. Great tip! This is one of the things I’ve always thought needs to be changed about the WordPress install, allowing you to specify the admin username.

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