Don’t Write Blog Posts on Your PC

Many Times I keep getting distracted by other activities that I tend to forget to contribute something to my own blogs. No matter how hard I try, something or the other keeps coming in between. There are many ways of switching off distractions like not using Firefox(makes you stay away from lots of tabs and plugins), switch off your messengers, switch of email inbox and even disconnecting from internet. But since you are still on the PC, sometimes mind keeps revolving here and there and focus keeps on loosing.

I have found that when I shut down my PC, I can concentrate on new ideas better than while sitting in front of it. Does it happen with you? I would definitely recommend you to concentrate on new ideas while you are away from the PC if you also are getting constantly distracted on your PC. Some people start playing games if they are not connected to the net. So that distracts them even more. PC is not all Internet you see – Its a gaming station, Media Player, Jukebox and even your Office!

So pls try this. Keep a small notepad and a pen with you always and focus on your blog/site/new ideas whenever you have free time and are not in front of the PC. You will automatically feel good and new ideas will start flowing down your mind. Try this and pls share your thoughts about this.