Do your good deed of the day – Revoke access to Twitter clients you don’t use

I talked about Twitter’s new API restrictions few months back. And March 5 the day when it happens is approaching. Guess what? Apps have started feeling the heat already. Just 2 days back, Falcon Pro – one of the bes apps for Twitter on android ended up hitting the 100K token limit. Worse is that going by the official store counts at Google Play and Android PIt, total user base should not be more than 50,000. Where the hell the rest of the users came from?

Two places – Those who are using the pirated version and those who buy, test and uninstall it. Once you login, you lock a token with the particular Twitter app which does not gets released even with a logout/uninstall. To release it you will need to go to Settings>>apps page from Twitter website and revoke the access manually.

Revoke Twitter Token

This is your good deed for the day. Revoke access for all those Twitter clients which you don’t use. Free up the tokens so that who like the app can continue using it. Some say the tokens get lost when you root your phone or change roms or even when you buy a new phone. It should not happen theoretically because tokens are locked with your account. Still if you want to be safe, take full backups using Titanium Backup App on Android.

Want to do one more good deed? Support Falcon Pro by signing this petition. Well this petition is only for this app which should have been for every app but still a signature won’t hurt. Twitter needs to stop taking a shot at the very developers who are responsible in the first place for where Twitter stands now.

Note: Btw don’t sweat if you see an insane pricing currently on Falcon Pro. Developer has set that intentionally to prevent others from buying the app. Also very soon everyone will be kicked out from the app because developer is implementing hardened security to ensure it does not gets pirated. So if you have purchased it, keep an eye on that. You will need to access it back.