Direct Download links of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista

Oh no….Again the same old post with same old content – promising direct download links of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista. Nope….others only tell the direct download links, I will tell you how to find them. So that each time a updated version of Messenger is released, you can get the updated link too! My Friend Ashfame’s blog already tells the trick about Yahoo! Messenger 8 and 9’s direct download links. But then I thought maybe the same trick goes for Vista messenger too. But to my surprise, the same trick does not work here. Replacing y in link url does not work. Why? Because the link you get from download page of messenger is not the real link. It gets redirected to another link. But then does y trick work in that link too? Nope again….Yahoo! gets smarter and changed the file name completely. So? Still Yahoo! left the tracks somewhere and each time they update the version of Vista messenger, we can still find the link.

But for that, you will need to download that crappy 208KB installer first from here. Run it now and then start downloading it. I hope you don’t have 5MBps+ Connections because you should have time to go to a folder where Yahoo! is downloading the settings. Anyways while the download is happening …. go to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Temp Folder. Now you will see a new folder name something of the type: nsrE418.tmp — should have .tmp at end of folder name and should start with n. Go inside the folder and you will find a file named ymsgr.ini

Open that file in notepad and note the first link in it.

Example of first link mention: ( INST_PATH= )

This is the actual download link to Yahoo! Messenger for Vista full version.

Repeat the above trick every time for a newer version of Vista messenger gets released(Use Update feature to check for updates)

For those who are lazy I will keep the link updated here.

Download Yahoo! Messenger for Vista – Last Updated 25 August 2008

Yahoo! Messenger for Vista is No More