Defensio is tiring me

Defensio Anti-Spam Yeah, I am sick and tired of using Defensio Anti-spam Plugin on my blog. Launched with great hype, Defensio promised to be a good alternative to Akismet. It also included most desirable feature not found in Akismet(even now) – Collapsable Comments. It was awesome feature and I always wondered, why Akismet does not come up with this.

But important things is keeping spam under control and not let genuine comments pass as spam and vice-versa. But Defensio is doing exactly that. If I found a genuine comment on 3rd page of comments with 80% spamminess ranking, then seriously Defensio needs serious thinking. Comment was genuine to the extent that it belonged to my friend. Gosh!

Here is a screenie to show that Defensio’s performance is going down day by day.

Defensio Anti-Spam Plugin

There you go, I had to go through 9000 comments to look for my 149 genuine comments – Imagine how much I am tired. I am taking rest now and switching to Akismet.


  1. @sms laenud: It would be risky and highly not recommended.

  2. Can’t you use both? First run the spam through Akismet then through Defensio? Or the other way around?

  3. Akismet is always a good bet. I don’t know about Defensio since I never used this kind of service, thanks for letting me know what Defensio is. But if you switched your service from Akismet to Defensio earlier, it means you were not happy with Akismet, didn’t you?

  4. Uh uh, akismet still the one. it’s old school. But you know some say, how to do it right? it’s always the old school way.
    Awesome catch buddy! Send my regard to emma 😉

  5. eXtraNeT » I would recommend Akismet over Defensio.

  6. Although I’m sure I don’t get the comment volume you do, I have always been happy with Akismet. Why fix what’s not broken? When I have problems with Akismet, then I will go looking for a replacement.

    1. [email protected] » Well said. Well the comment volume only shows this much when I have defensio…for past few days only 3 or 4 comments now showed up in Akismet queue.

  7. so would you recommend this defensio over akismet or is it a toss-up? o_O

  8. 9000 comments? Wow!
    I even got tired already with less than 100 comments.
    That’s right dude. Anti spam plugins are really needed.

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  9. I am happy with Akismet & bcSpamBlock to fight againts spam 😀

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  10. is the post I am talking about. Though I am not using Defensio now, it happened every 2 -3 days when 8-12 comments remained unprocessed and sometimes even more under this post.

    I never used any other spam service. Either Akismet or Defensio remained here one at a time.

  11. Your frequent commenters should make it through just fine. Were you using any other anti-spam mechanism along Defensio? Captcha, Bad Behavior or something like that?

    On what post dod you get the unprocessed comment problem? And do you have an idea around when it happened? It’s probably a coincidence but I’ll still take a look.

    Thanks for your help!

  12. Yes, decline was caused by FP more. Imagine my friend’s mail in defensio queue inspite of the fact that he has commented lot of times before here. So doesn’t defensio checks wordpress approved commentors?

    But why does it happen that only one post’s comments remain unprocessed? It didn’t happen for other 130 posts on this blog.

  13. I noticed that you had more FP than FN, but my question was, when the decline started happening, was it mostly caused by FP or FN?

    We had a short amount of downtime a while ago, which might have caused the “comments couldn’t be processed” message. However, you should’ve seen a message at the top of your admin panel and a “process now” button to automatically send them to Defensio. No manual moderation is needed.

    As for getting less spam on Akismet, you probably have the option “Automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month.” checked.

  14. Another strange thing about Defensio….whenever I use defensio – i receive 30 approx spam comments daily….but now I am on akismet for past 1 or 2 days and only 2-3 spam comments since. Coincidence?

  15. As clear from the graph, I have to fight with False positives more(140 false positives in around 9000 comments as compared to 44 false negatives).

    Another point about one post specifically on this blog….comments never reached under defensio….they were always under Awating moderation queue (about 10-12 comments made in matter of 1-2 minutes – none caught by Defensio)…and I had to manually process them every time. This happens only for 1 post on this blog. This means, defensio plugin was not able to connect to Defensio servers since when I manually processed, all were correctly recognised as spam.

  16. Hmmm. That’s definitely not normal and not something we typically see. The curve should be going the other way around! The next few days are a little crazy for me, but I’ll spend some time investigating your case further later this week.

    In order to shed some light on this, I have a few questions if you don’t mind: What do you feel has been causing the accuracy to go down lately? False-positives (ham caught as spam) or False-negatives? How long were you waiting on average before retraining mistakes?

    Can you point me to some of the false positives you had to unspam?

    Thanks for your help!

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