Defensio is tiring me

Defensio Anti-Spam Yeah, I am sick and tired of using Defensio Anti-spam Plugin on my blog. Launched with great hype, Defensio promised to be a good alternative to Akismet. It also included most desirable feature not found in Akismet(even now) – Collapsable Comments. It was awesome feature and I always wondered, why Akismet does not come up with this.

But important things is keeping spam under control and not let genuine comments pass as spam and vice-versa. But Defensio is doing exactly that. If I found a genuine comment on 3rd page of comments with 80% spamminess ranking, then seriously Defensio needs serious thinking. Comment was genuine to the extent that it belonged to my friend. Gosh!

Here is a screenie to show that Defensio’s performance is going down day by day.

Defensio Anti-Spam Plugin

There you go, I had to go through 9000 comments to look for my 149 genuine comments – Imagine how much I am tired. I am taking rest now and switching to Akismet.