Convert your WordPress Blog to an Ipad App with PadPressed

Make your WordPress Blog like an Ipad AppFirst it was Mobile Browsers, then Iphone then Blackberry, then Android and hosts of other smartphones and devices for which we had to create sites for. This summer, Apple released Ipad. Now just because your blog has been optimised for other mobile devices, it doesn’t mean it would give an optimal viewing experience in Ipad. Ipad has many ways of browsing which are not supported by conventional methods of rendering a site for mobile.

Padpressed is a new WordPress plugin which converts a WordPress blog to an Ipad App of sort and provides optimum viewing experience including support for Accelerometer and Swipe features of Ipad.

Shown below is a demo of Padpressed plugin on an Ipad Device.

Following are the features of PadPressed Plugin:

  1. Accelerometer Aware – With this feature blog rotates itself according to the orientation of the device whether its held in Landscape Mode (Blog becomes 3 column) or Potrait Mode (Single Column View) .
  2. Swipe to Advance – Plugin allows users to use swipe gestures on the device to advance to the next or previous articles.
  3. Touch Navigation – Users can use touch navigation features to switch blog categories instead of long dropdowns or hard to click links.
  4. Custom Home Icon – If you add your blog to Ipad’s homescreen, the blog’s logo will be used as a Homescreen logo and making your blog as an application rather than a bookmark icon.
  5. Social Sharing – Padpressed supports a native Sharing Widget which allows users to share articles via Facebook, Twitter and Email.
  6. Custom Theme Options – PadPressed has a detailed theme options panel that allows you to set the logo used for your homescreen icon, icons for touch navigation, featured slider settings, and your unique skin.
  7. Works with Any Theme – You don’t need to make changes to your existing theme for Padpressed plugin to work. Its compatible with any WordPress theme running in parallel.

The plugin is not free but costs $49.99. I wouldn’s say overpriced but yes a bit higher. But if your blog gets ample of Ipad based visitors, I would definitely recommend you to buy the plugin.

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PadPressed has become OnSwipe now and will be launched on June 21. OnSwipe Plugin is available for blogs and is available as a theme for blogs. I tried out the plugin and if you ask me, I won’t recommend it for now. It has lots to achieve before one can use it as a full fledged option for your blog’s iPad visitors. It does not allow editing of the items in menu and does not show all pages. Does not support Custom post types and also provides no way to switch back to normal version of the site. I would suggest you to wait for its full launch or you can try WPTouch instead which will make your blog look great not only on iPad but iPhone/iPod as well.