Close your Twitter, Facebook and Orkut Accounts

Around 3 years back, I wrote a post on how to remove your Gmail, Yahoo and MSN accounts. I seriously think that removing your own junk is a good idea rather than depending on companies to do it. If you no longer need an account, delete it yourself and do some good. 😛 This post will tell you all about closing your dormant social networking accounts. Some are easy to close while others might take some effort.

Closing your Twitter Account

Probably the simplest implementation I have ever seen. Log in to your Twitter Account and visit this url. You can also reach this url via Settings>>Deactivate your account. The link to deactivation is a small one at the bottom of this page. Good idea because if it would have been too prominent, some users would have ended up using it by mistake as well. Mind you that it says Deactivate your account but here deactivation/deletion and closure is one and the same. After closing your account, that all settings associated with that account are locked and can’t be used again for a new account which include the twitter id and your email id. Though Twitter is considering on making deleted usernames available again for use after few months gap but yet to implement it.

Closing your Facebook Account

Now this one’s a little bit confusing. Facebook allows two methods of closing your account – temporary and permanent.

  • Deactivating your Facebook Account [Temporary] – With this method, you can close your account and reactivate it again just by simply logging into it again. You don’t delete any data associated with your account including your friends, status updates, photos and videos. Though you will be removed from the applications, facebook pages and groups you are a member of. If the group you are a part of has no other administrator, then the group remains no longer editable unless you make the group’s privacy setting to close. In that case a member can administrate a group. Its better you make someone else its administrator before deactivating your account if you want the group to remain active after you leave. You will also need to either delete the application or transfer its ownership to someone else if you were the only developer of that application.  To Deactivate your Facebook account, just visit this url which can also be accessed from Account>>Account Settings>>Deactivate.
  • Closing your Facebook Account [Permanent] – You can permanently close your facebook account as well which will terminate your account forever. To do that, visit this url. This page is not accessible from any settings page and facebook has tried to keep this url a well guraded secret. You can always find its link from the Help Section of Facebook. You will loose everything attached to that account and can never be recovered again.

Closing your Orkut Account

I know that many of us have stopped using Orkut accounts. So its time to bid adieu to those dormant Orkut accounts of yours which you haven’t even bothered to login to for past 1-2 years. To close your Orkut account, visit this url which can be reached via Settings>>General and selecting the “Delete my Orkut account” link there.

Now there are so many other social networks which you may not be using now. I am not going to post methods of deleting all those accounts. To do that, just try looking into your account settings or visit help section of your service and you will surely get method to delete your account. If you still don’t find then contact the support team of your social network. So in this new year, close your dormant accounts and do some good.


  1. i think i should remove my facebook account, but not my twitter it’s very useful to me

  2. I suppose Facebook is the most complicated of them all.Its mechanism actually is built so that the users are lured back to activate their accounts all over again rather than deleting.

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