Close your Gmail, MSN and Yahoo! Accounts

Yes, I am talking of some closing of accounts. Most of us hold a number of email accounts, most of which we don’t even use. Still we keep running them. I think we can do our bit to relax the servers :mrgreen: by deleting unusable email accounts.

Deleting your Gmail Account

After logging into your Gmail Account, visit this url. Here you can specifically close related services to your Google Account or even delete the complete google account. Be sure that deleting Google Account removes all services you were using at Google using that id.

Deleting your Yahoo! Account

Just visit this url to delete your Yahoo! Account. Be sure to cancel any premium services before you do this on your Yahoo! Account. This will remove all services including mail and any other Yahoo! service being used by that account.

Note: Terminating your Yahoo! account does not alter or delete your Yahoo! People Search listing, which you need to edit or delete yourself.

Deleting your MSN/Hotmail/Live Account

Login to corresponding Hotmail/Live Mail Account and visit this url to delete that hotmail/Live Mail/MSN Mail Account. Here also cancel any premium services associated with that account.

But as you know, you can have Live Account without having Mail Account. How to close such a account then? Simple, visit this url to remove a Live Account.

So, then do the companies a bit favor by removing junk/spammy/unused accounts. We can save server space, electricity and even some bit of environment this way. πŸ˜€


  1. I have an old msn email account that I haven’t used in forever. I don’t remember the password and i have given them sooooooo much information about the account…and they continue to insist that nope, I’m not giving the right answers, and clearly I’m not me. VERY frustrating. Then they lock you out. I just want to close/delete the stupid account — and as it’s been languishing there, someone/thing has seen fit to spoof the account and send gross stuff to everybody in the msn account’s contact list.

    I’ve told everybody that if they still have my msn address in their contacts to delete it and don’t accept anything from me unless it comes from my current provider (NOT MSN!).

    So…there’s no phone number to call MSN; they’ve locked me out of the account…how on earth do i get rid of the damned thing? their Help Center is one big useless LOOP.

    Thanks to anyone who can help…

  2. please tell me how can I sigh out from my id that no one can see without my permission.

  3. thanks for the instructions,i was deleting my 2 yahoo id and one gmail account becuse i have lot of problem from that email address

  4. thanks for the advice,no probblems doing it that way,forgot had hotmail and found 1500 unread emials,mostly spam,again thanks.

  5. Thanks for the instructions re: deleting gmail. It’s a pain to find on one’s own.

  6. i want to delete this eamail

  7. Thanks for this article, I couldn’t find out how to delete my MSN/Live account because I didn’t have it as an email account. This worked though. πŸ˜€

  8. MINAL SINALKAR » I am not a employee at Gmail. Just follow the steps mentioned above to close your gmail account yourself. Please don’t misunderstand the post.

  9. Please surrender my gmail account. Due to that I am facing some official problems.

    Please again I am requesting you.

  10. I need to delete my hotmail account. I have a hotmail account but haven’t logged in for a year. The accounts that I use all the time are my gmail accounts because of all the Google’s services are in there. I have a Yahoo account but i’m keeping that because any services (final four bracket) need a login and everything else….Darn you Yahoo for making us sign up for each and every little service you want us to use.

  11. there s no use of keeping unused accounts,
    i dont like gmail but my official account s on gamil so what i do is i forward mine gmails to yahoo πŸ™‚

    no MSn for me

    normally i have mine Browsers images diasbled , but u r template s not well formatted with images disabled .can you chek out what s problem nd if you can sort it out surfers like me would be at lot more at ease:) thanks

  12. These corporations have made these urls just for the same that junk can be cleaned. I believe in cleaning your junk yourself. πŸ˜†

  13. It amazes me that you care so much for the servers of these corporations. Hehe. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not criticizing you but rather just surprised. It’s not everyday a person like you thinks of those kind of consequences. Hehe

  14. If you read post which says:

    Most of us hold a number of email accounts, most of which we don’t even use. Still we keep running them. I think we can do our bit to relax the servers :mrgreen: by deleting unusable email accounts.

    That is clearn intself. Just clean some junk from internet by closing unwanted/unused accounts.

  15. your post says HOW to delete them, but it doesn’t say WHY. Why would you bother?

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