Close your Gmail, MSN and Yahoo! Accounts

Yes, I am talking of some closing of accounts. Most of us hold a number of email accounts, most of which we don’t even use. Still we keep running them. I think we can do our bit to relax the servers :mrgreen: by deleting unusable email accounts.

Deleting your Gmail Account

After logging into your Gmail Account, visit this url. Here you can specifically close related services to your Google Account or even delete the complete google account. Be sure that deleting Google Account removes all services you were using at Google using that id.

Deleting your Yahoo! Account

Just visit this url to delete your Yahoo! Account. Be sure to cancel any premium services before you do this on your Yahoo! Account. This will remove all services including mail and any other Yahoo! service being used by that account.

Note: Terminating your Yahoo! account does not alter or delete your Yahoo! People Search listing, which you need to edit or delete yourself.

Deleting your MSN/Hotmail/Live Account

Login to corresponding Hotmail/Live Mail Account and visit this url to delete that hotmail/Live Mail/MSN Mail Account. Here also cancel any premium services associated with that account.

But as you know, you can have Live Account without having Mail Account. How to close such a account then? Simple, visit this url to remove a Live Account.

So, then do the companies a bit favor by removing junk/spammy/unused accounts. We can save server space, electricity and even some bit of environment this way. 😀