Cheating Feedburner Counts

Why do people cheat others using their feedburner counts? Here is a blog cheating people of their feedburner counts.

CHeck the following image (caching directly from their server)

First when I saw the image, I thought maybe Feedburner writes the count as such for a blog having a lot of readers. It does but checking other stats of that blog like alexa count…I found it impossible to digest feedburner showing such a count for a blog whose featured post is several months old.

BTW it has disabled showing real feedcount as this url which should show actual feed count just shows a blank image of 1×1 pixel.

Pls comment here with any more such blogs faking their counts so that we can check the authenticity.

(Link to the blog has been nofollowed for purpose)


  1. As long as it dont rip you off in anyway its ok. Dirty tactics actually do work…but this my friend aint dirty..its smart.

    Now im wondering, whats a blog with 73K alexa rating doing with only 160 rss readers?

  2. I don’t think I am cheating anyone, it’s just an image for God’s sake. It’s true I have lots of readers, and I wanted an image to show that off.

    Who cares when my last post was ?

    1. If that’s your attitude…and with that FeedCount Image cancelled, don’t expect lot of readers.

      1. My attitude, you call me out for being a liar and a cheat, that is not something I like. A short email to me before you start to post such drivel about other bloggers is normal e-etiquette.

        Ever hear, judge not and you shall not be judged ?

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  3. I like the way you all advertise in the do follow blog directory but does this look like a do follow to you PS3 Linux World didn’t think so

  4. Haha. I have seen these fake Feedburner images on some blogs. It makes me that their blogs are not trustworthy rather than just a joke.

  5. It’s sad how some bloggers resort to misinformation. Why should you alter the feedburner count anyway? I don’t look at how many readers a blog has. I don’t care about other readers, what matters is if I get something good from the article I read. I’m a Photoshop expert so I don’t believe in graphics with numbers.

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