How to reference files properly in parent/child themes?

Child theme is arguably the best thing that happened to WordPress themes. But still I see many people who create a child theme incorrectly use wordpress functions to refer to the images and stylesheets which result in broken urls. WordPress provides four functions to refer to the different files inside parent and child themes: get_template_directory(),… Continue reading How to reference files properly in parent/child themes?

WordPress sites under attack

As reported by Cloudfare, Hostgator and several other webhosts around the world, WordPress sites are under a heavy attack by some sort of botnet which is using brute force technique to try and log in “admin” to various blogs by using over 90,000 IP addresses from around the world. While web hosts and Cloudfare are… Continue reading WordPress sites under attack

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WordPress 3.6 is starting to take shape. I can see redesigned menu, TwentyThirteen theme and a new UI for adding post formats. But its very much buggy and incomplete at the moment. Will write a proper post soon.