What I hate about Tumblr

Tumblr is great if you want to create a personal blog without any issues regarding hosting, domains, finding themes, and learning HTML or PHP. Neither do you have to worry about uploading the content as Tumblr supports nearly all types of content, be it photos, videos, and audio, and it is a visual treat. But… Continue reading What I hate about Tumblr

Jetpack – Enjoy Worddpress.com Features on WordPress.org

Yesterday, Automattic launched Jetpack – A cool plugin which will now bring some of the most coolest features from WordPress.com platform for WordPress.org users without going through the need of installing multitude of plugins or worrying about updating them. Jetpack is aimed at combining lots of features ina single plugin and under a cloud based… Continue reading Jetpack – Enjoy Worddpress.com Features on WordPress.org

A New Design Soon

I am planning to get a new design for this blog. This new design is to give myself some motivation. Currently When I check my google analytics statistics, bounce rate for my blog is too high. And the probable reason is that users don’t get to see many posts on this blog and miss too… Continue reading A New Design Soon