Biggest Time wasters on the Net

Yes, Internet can be informative, interesting, funny, unique, shocking and even a time waster. I am the prime example where I end up wasting time more than doing useful. Its very easy to get distracted while working online. Here I list some of the prime time wasters available on the internet: Social networking Communities –… Continue reading Biggest Time wasters on the Net

MSN Webmaster Portal coming soon

Google is doing a fantastic job with Webmaster Tools and now MSN wants to jump in this too. Today MSN announced Webmaster Portal. If you remember around March MSN took the link: command offline. Now through Webmaster Portal MSN is bringing it back. Webmaster Portals will have all tools related to Live Search and SEO.… Continue reading MSN Webmaster Portal coming soon

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PencilMation – A new form of animation

Just found a new type of animation on the web called PencilMation. Its a type of animation where characters are drawn using pencil and animation appears on a normal paper. It is cool. You can check some cool animations on Pencilmation. ScreenShots:

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