You still use Feedburner?

Some 5-6 years back feeds were the ‘in’ thing in Blogging. Feed readers were in abundance. And Statistics were of prime importance. Every one was in the race to get more feed subscribers. But things have changed now. Feed readers still exist but we don’t use them much. I don’t remember when I last logged… Continue reading You still use Feedburner?

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Tackling Comment Spam

Commenting is a great way to connect with your blog readers. Your readers can question, suggest and offer feedback on your writing in a simple manner. But Spammers have turned a blog commenting area into a literal war zone. And its a problem which has no fool-proof solution. Every blog face the problem of Comment… Continue reading Tackling Comment Spam

100 Followers on Twitter

Wow…I finally broke the record of 100 Followers on Twitter. If you want to say what’s great about it, Wait then. Twitter is a essential tool for new bloggers to get connected and find like minded people. It can be a great networking tool. One of my friend has dumped all IM activities and jumped… Continue reading 100 Followers on Twitter