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As promised from my mobi post, I am going to tell you how to post to your blog from your mobile. Most of you may know about it but this post is for those who still don’t. BTW If you own a Sony Ericsson phone like me then it may already support Blogging feature but that works only if you are hosting your blog using Service. Many other mobiles also have tied up support to many Blogging Services to provide in built Blogging Feature. But here is a method that works for any wordpress(Self hosted only) blog and for any simple phone that supports GPRS/WAP. For this I use a wordpress plugin called WordPress Mobile. This plugin works both – ability to post to your blog and ability to make your blog comaptible with Mobile Browsers.

You won’t need to change your browser’s url to show up as a mobile version. This plugin automatically detects the mobile browser and renders your blog according to that. It also supports Adsense and Admob Advertising services so that you can earn from your mobile version too. It shows up last 5 posts and some pages on your mobile enabled site. You can also enable commenting on your mobile site and people can make comments to your post from their mobiles only. For taking full advantage of ads on your mobile version, you can donate £25 to get 100% revenue of your mobile site otherwise author is bound to take some revenue share out of that.

Wordpress Mobile Plugin Admin Panel
Wordpress Mobile Plugin Admin Panel

Regarding posting from mobile, you can only post to a defult category from your mobile. You should also enable a password to protect anyone from posting on your mobile. It also allows attachment uploading from your mobile which is very cool though I have not tried it yet.

One more feature is that you can choose from four color schemes for your mobile version of site and also specify a remote stylesheet to be used for your mobile version of your site.

This plugin has loads of features to enable your blog to become a full fledged mobile site. One more workaround can be to get a .mobi domain as your original blog’s domain name and share the database across the two sites and enable the mobile plugin on the .mobi domain and make it work as your site’s mobile version. Sounds cool?

Then surely try WordPress Mobile and tell me how does it work for you.


  1. I really liked this post, because im always traveling, or visiting people and it would be so cool to blog while im away from my desktop. (laptop just broke) Great Post!

  2. Hey there thanks for this info. its cool to blog even if your not in front of your computer specially me who is always away at home 🙂 i will definetly try this thanks!

    Daniel Dumas :: Mr Night Mans last blog post..Showin’ some love with Comment Luv

  3. hey thanks navjot for the info.. i ll really dig in more about the same.. but its really a cool application.. thanks

    amans last blog post..Toshiba Portege R600 Laptop

  4. I’m planning to get myself an iphone very soon and this is one aspect i will watch, considering i have so many dead time periods.

  5. In future, Maybe, android by google can make it easy. Go blogging Go 🙂

    Sunrarahbirs last blog post..Top of Do-Follow Blogs

  6. that’s cool and thanks for the info, pal! would love to blog live from my mobile wherever i am. will give it a try!

    Gary Oois last blog post..My new toy

  7. can i do it with my Nokia phone?

    Rikuds last blog post..Desire, Descopline, Dedication

    1. Yes, this works for any GPRS/WAP Enabled mobile no matter which brand you use.

  8. how i can make my blog is interesting?? coz i want to build a blog
    for bussines..

  9. I think it will be a bit cumbersome to blog with a mobile.

  10. Blogging for mobile users means less linking unfortunately. Mobile users aren’t as likely to surf around on links you provide them. They scan more as well so you have to provide them less content and say more with less words.

    1. mate, i agree…and is there any search engine for the mobile users or a directory? anybody?

      1. I don’t know of any such service and neither it looks feasible. Call it invasion of privacy.

  11. wow.. it is really amazing for us i will try it. thanks giving this information

  12. great post. thanks for sharing…

    i kknow of a a site that offers free mobi site –

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