Biggest Time wasters on the Net

Distraction From WorkYes, Internet can be informative, interesting, funny, unique, shocking and even a time waster. I am the prime example where I end up wasting time more than doing useful. Its very easy to get distracted while working online. Here I list some of the prime time wasters available on the internet:

  1. Social networking Communities – I will reason this as the biggest time waster. Thankfully, I don’t use them. Orkut is the biggest of them. And adding more are Facebook and MySpace.
  2. Forums – Yes sometimes they can be a timewaster. Once you start browsing, it gets difficult to leave a forum. For me Digit Forum is addictive.
  3. Messengers – They can be distractive. But thankfully they have a option of being invisible.
  4. Firefox – Don’t be surprised. Firstly I am not pointing Firefox as singular. But I am pointing to all tabbed browsers. And unfortunately there are only limited non-tabbed browsers available. So If you are working, I would suggest you to use IE 6. Its so easy to browse sites using tabs, that I get carried away and the original useful tab gets lost.
  5. Emails – Well, if you are the type who get a lot of forwarded funny mails, this can also contribute to a time waster on the net. Thankfully, I am not a part of such a group.

So what are the things which waste your time? And how do you manage to deal with them? I would love to hear your side.

PS: I have not linked to any site mentioned in the post. Do I need to? Else you will visit the sites and keep time wasting. 😈