Best method of commenting on Blogs to get noticed

I have noticed people commenting on blogs without even reading the full article and making comments just on the basis of a basic idea which they get from the post title or by making a fast glance over post contents. Net result is that your comment is sometimes not even related properly to the article and you end up being in the bad books of the blogger. On other occasions you just keep commenting with your links as signature or your website name in your name which are again not good signs of commenting. So I am here to discuss some better and even best methods of commenting so that you will get noticed on other blogs too and may even get linkbacks from the author of the blog for your efforts.

  1. Forget Nofollow and Dofollow – Please take this stuff out of your mind. If the blog you are posting on does not receive much traffic, it won’t help with a stupid linkback. These days, focus on traffic not linkbacks. Links won’t give you revenue, traffic does. So just cut this crap of nofollow and dofollow and start proper and serious commenting
  2. You may not forget Top Commentors List – Now these are the lists to look for. Not for the linkback factor(even top commentors widgets can be made nofollow) but for the fact, that your link is visible in most cases from the homepage and in some cases across sitewide too. This gives you much needed exposure.
  3. Use your real name – Helps creating a identity and makes everybody feel that a real human is posting comment. Relationships are important than blatant promotion. You can engage in conversations easily by using your name than your website’s name which may prove beneficial to your site as people more often visit sites made by good commentors.
  4. Use a real email address – Most blogs have Subscribe via email button. So using your real email address you can track the conversation. Moreover, if the blog’s owner wants to contact you, he should be able to reach you via email.
  5. Never use a signature – Most people use their websites as their email combined with their names. Makes a bad impression. If somebody has to notice your site, he will notice from url field. There is no use reinforcing that you have a website to show. Comments is not for showing off your websites but your knowledge and command over what you say.
  6. Post only if you have something to say – Just because you can see a comment box at the bottom of post does not mean you will have to comment. Post a comment only if you have something to say which can either enhance the discussion or you have a question to ask. If you have something worthy of adding, do comment otherwise just leave. Many posts have ratings plugins installed, use them instead of one liner comments – Thanks, O Wow types.
  7. Try to be the first few commentors – This works for blogs which get huge traffic. On such blogs, commenting after 20-25 people may not have many benefits for you. So try to be one of the first few commentors. That can give a huge benefit to you. And for being one of the first, subscribe to their RSS and keep checking their feeds for newer updates on their blogs. It always helps.
  8. Try to Add – Always try to add to the post topic. Research about the topic of post and find something that the blog author may not now. Show it to them that you also know substantial about the topic. People would love to follow such a person who adds more knowledge to existing post content.
  9. Be helpful – If you find that some commentor has asked question from the blog author and he has not got a reply for long or an improper reply, try to help him. It always results in good relationships in the long run and benefits you.
  10. Make your Blog attractive – If you want people to reach your blog via your engaging comments, atleast make sure you have a proper site to show them. First Impression is always the last impression.
  11. Most Important – Be sure to use the correct url while commenting – I mean commenting with a seo website url on a humor blog won’t help no matter how good you are as a commentor.

So these are some tips which will help you in commenting effectively on other’s blogs and which will help you tremendously. If you have some other tips which I may have left, please do share. What are your thoughts on best methods of commenting?