Are you prepared for Blog Tragedy – Backup Now?

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Tragedy can occur anytime. Its uncalled for and unwanted too! Recently I saw two blogs suffering tragedies. One was and other one was Former one suffered at the hands of inefficient server management team and server failures while second one got hacked. Even my friend Saurav’s blog got almost lost due to inefficient and poor webhost.

All these incidents happened suddenly without any warning. Some are prepared while some are not prepared against these incidents. Don’t think that this can’t happen to your blog any day. It can happen to everybody. So are you prepared for the worst? If not then do so otherwise you will repent it later when you lose your last 1 or 2 years post, the readers, the comments and a lot of income! Recreating would be extremely difficult. So better be safe then sorry.

How to be prepared?

Good question. There are few steps you should follow to be prepared for such tragedies.

First Step

Identify what all things you need to backup. There will be the blog database, blog files, themes, plugins and files you uploaded. Blog’s database holds the content you produced complete with all formatting you had done to the text. Its the most important part to be backed up in a blog since everything can be recreated except original content again. Second most important thing is identifying blog files and your custom files. If you are using WordPress, a default blog contains 3 folders wp-content, wp-includes and wp-admin folder and a few php files in the root directory. wp-content folder contains 2 folders: plugins and themes which you obviously know are very crucial and need to be backed up definitely. wp-includes and wp-admin folder contains core wordpress files. These are not important to be backed up unless you tweaked your wp installation since they are available with a default wp installation too (Check version of wordpress – files change with wordpress versions)

Last thing remains your uploaded files. By default WordPress uploads attachments in wp-content/uploads/ folder unless you are keeping some extra files. Make a note of all such pathnames to be backed up somewhere.

Second Step

Now that you have identified all things to be backed up, now is the time to make a backup. Don’t worry…taking backups is not that difficult. For blog database I would recommend using WP-DBManager Plugin. It will take care of all your blog’s database needs. For Files, I will recommend manually make note of all folders and files to be taken care of and then using a ftp/shell software, downloading them on your pc.

There is a plugin which can backup both files and database together and even schedules backups. Try this: BackUpWordpress plugin (Works with WordPress 2.5.x). But if your blog is huge and are using a shared hosting, beware…it may not be able to do complete file backup due to php memory limits set by your webhost.

Final Step

Final Step is making sure you do take backups regularly and never let a tragedy set upon you. You can use cron feature to schedule backups. (Anyways sorry I won’t be able to describe that here in this post). And for preventing loss of files make sure you do editing on your local pc and then upload it to your website. This way, you will never lose files/themes/plugins. To run WordPress locally on your pc, read this guide.


  1. So now you tell me!!! I have just lost pretty much one years work when my site went down. Backups are so underrated!!!

    @Internet fax service: great advice. I will be doing this for sure.

    How often does everyone back up btw???

  2. Ahhh backup. I know how important they are after my blog crashed in feburuary. Fortunately for me, blogbackuponline had all my posts….. 😀

  3. On a side note it would be good practice for the newbies to also test their backups from time. Backups are useless if they don’t work :bandit:

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve lost sites before and its really annoying to have to rebuild them. so database backups are very important.

  5. I’ve been backing up my stuff weekly since I once experienced a db crash… not very pleasant!

  6. thanks for the suggestion, even my blog is quite new, i think i’ll need this plugin.

  7. I`d install plugin, and every week database backup comes to my email.

    Easy and secure.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I have been meaning to do it for ages now.

    Great site by the way 🙂

  9. I’ve been bitten by a blogging tragedy more than once. Backing up is a must, especially if you depend on your blogs as a source of income. Could you imagine losing years of work as a result of a few minutes of laziness?

  10. Well I am here to just to share my experience with this horror !!!

    Thanks to Navjot’s tips I am still running, else I would have lost

    Infact I did all backups, what’s in book but still I almost ended up losing it all.

    With eWebGuru I was provided with cPanel, suppositely worlds best panel and I have taken full home directory backup using it every 15 days. I also used phpMyAdmin to get database backed up every time i update the blog…

    The mistake which I made was, I never checked the backed up data, and when my hosting (eWebGuru) went down, I found my self with no access at their server and had to shift my hosting.

    While restoring I have found none of the cPanel generated backup of eWebGuru is working, as all giving error that possible corruption while archiving !!! Fortunately the DataBase backups are good enough to restore the MySQL DB, where as I am forced to work really hard to restore the content directory from those half done backup files…

    I came to a point where I almost lost the complete blog !!!!

    My suggestion, backup when ever possible, back as many times as u want, and more than than restore the backup at localhost to check its been done properly !!

    Be in a place where in any given time you can say that you have enough data in local system which enables you to change the DNS of domain and shift to a completely new server 😀

  11. Dude, I know what you are talking about.
    I’ve lost my blog before due to server crashes and never had a backup. Silly me.

    Interesting post though.

  12. @Make a pound: You can backup your blogger blog too: Read the following articles for this:

    Apart from this you can use these 2 online services to backup your blog:

    DSo there you find lot more ways to backup your blog. You can even export your blog posts in a pdf or doc format :

  13. Good advice but i dont think i can backup my blogspot blog 🙁

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