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Normally, when you signup for a VPN, they are almost always based on the popular OpenVPN protocol. Some also offer IKEv2, IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP and Shadowsocks as alternatives. AzireVPN is different from all of them because it supports a relatively newer protocol - Wireguard.

Wireguard protocol was designed to be faster, leaner and more secure. Compared to OpenVPN whose code runs into 600,000 lines, Wireguard’s code weighs a mere 4000 lines. Larger codebase means it is harder to find bugs in it. Wireguard also employs stronger ciphers as compared to other protocols. Moreover, its fast connection negotiation means you can connect to the server instantly as compared to the OpenVPN where you need for almost a minute, sometimes more before making the connection.

You can read more about how Wireguard is better than conventional protocols in its Ars Technica Review.

AzireVPN supports both - Wireguard and OpenVPN protocols. It also comes with its native apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. For iOS, you can use the app developed by the Wireguard team itself. You can also use apps developed by the Wireguard team for other platforms.

AzireVPN doesn’t log your data and provides full support for P2P Traffic. They also offer unlimited bandwidth, full IPv6 support allow you to connect 5 devices simultaneously.

AzireVPN is running a Black Friday sale where they are offering up to 48% off on their plans. You can get their 24-month plan for just 62.40 EURO($68.59 at the time of writing this) which is quite reasonable.

AzireVPN is a good option for those whose primary objective to use a VPN is to make your browsing secure. As of now, AzireVPN offers servers from 32 servers in 9 locations across 8 countries for now. And yes, that is very small if you compare it with any popular VPN but their priority is security and speed which they seem to be pretty good at. If you think, this is a good fit for you, then do give them a try.