Any sense in Hiding Dates on Blog Posts?

Recently WeblogToolsCollection came out with a  post asking whether you should hide dates on your blog posts or not. Not only a poll but it also had a complete guide on how to remove post dates from your blog completely. Not only they mentioned on how to remove dates from posts but from comments as well. Atleast don’t hide dates from comments. It makes tracking of conversations so difficult. The argument to remove dates in that post is that users discriminate against the old articles and don’t give them much value. I wanted to comment at that post but then I preferred making a separate post and giving my views and opinions here. Anyways if you check the comments section of that post, you will find almost all commentators are against the idea of hiding dates.

I am also against the idea of hiding dates on blog posts. Hiding dates means you are treating your readers as fools. Whether your articles are timeless or not, date should be posted. Trust your loyal readers because they are intelligent enough to figure out whether the article deserves a thorough read or not even if it was posted 2 years ago. Regarding the argument of discrimination, it also boils down to the blog author on how well his blog is laid out and how well readers can reach even to the older posts. Blog author should highlight his best posts and even if they are 2 or more than 2 years old readers will value them if they are of real value even today.

Yes there are some type of posts where dates can be done away with like on movie reviews blog or receipes blog but still I would prefer the dates on them. For example on movie reviews blog, I would prefer dates atleast to know when was the review posted, whether on the same day of movie release or few days after release.

Regarding the discrimination point mentioned in WeblogToolsCollection post, it reminds me of A List Apart Blog where articles as old as 2006 are still referred to and read by Web Designers because they still hold value even when the technologies available at that time and now differ a lot. I don’t think discrimination factor comes at all if your readers are intelligent enough. So don’t underestimate your readers and give them what they want. Stop Hiding dates on your blog posts unless and until you are making a complete static based or CMS based site using WordPress or any other Blog Software. And if you are hiding dates, be ready to have full justification for it. If you are doing just to save screen space, bah that’s the worst argument I have heard in favour of removing dates. They hardly take any space.

So, what’s your take? Do you hide dates or not? And if yes then why?


  1. I agree about should not hiding the date of a post. As if I never hide my posting date. This means that how active does the blog is updated. But still this is not absolute a wrong thing to do (about hiding date). Because it depends on what is the blog mentioning about. Anyway, thank your for your information.

  2. There are good reasons to hide the date on some posts. If, for example, you want a “sticky” welcome post to be on your home page of blogger. The only real way to achieve this is to put a date on that post that is in the future to keep it on the main page. However, if it’s just a welcome paragraph, it looks silly to have the date on it. All other posts, of course should be dated. It would be nice for some people to know how to hide the date only on specific posts in situations like this.

  3. Hi
    I don’t think I’m going to worry much about dates. As a lot of my posts are about jewellery making and people are usually looking for patterns and I don’t think they even look at the dates. I know I don’t look at the date when I’m looking for patterns. I do look on the dates on this blog though, as Darren says computers and the internet are changing all the time. When it comes to jewellery though, I don’t think the dates are so important. Then again, if I think back to the eighties – hot pink polka dot earrings- hmm maybe dates are important.

  4. I agree with my friend above, functions of wordpress to hide the dates is a good, but not advise hiding the dates of the messages.

  5. I never thought to do so. Having dates on your posts adds a warm feel to them. No one would like to post on backdated stuff right? I would feel silly replying to a comment made 2 months ago too

  6. Agree with you.

    People need to realize WordPress capabilities. Just put on some conditions on which posts the date should be hidden 🙂

    And yes dates on comment should never be hidden.

    1. Conditions? Means?

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