Another Blog goes the CashQuests Way

Yup, Another Blog goes the same route as CashQuests. But you will see the real damage in coming days. I am talking of none other than One of the biggest contest blogs – Contest Beat. It was put up for sale on 28 January 2008 and got sold on 31 January 2008 on Sitepoint for $3400. I must say, owner got a nice deal.

But what saddens me is the buyer in question. Buyer is the same who bought few months back. And now CashQuests is nowhere. Buyer in question is iEntry Corporation. I don’t know why they buy sites when they don’t know how to run it? During the time period of sale on Sitepoint, the ex owner made 11 posts excluding the post announcing the sale. And since 31 Jan 2008, tilldate there is no post on it?

Well I will pray for you! Rest in Peace. 😥 R.I.P.

And Advice for other sites on Sitepoint being sold:

Please don’t sell your site to worldbuyer.