If you find aligning images in your blog posts difficult and you can’t line up your text alongside smaller logos or images, you should continue reading.

I will start the post with examples of poorly aligned and nicely aligned images in blog posts.

The following screenshot displays a poorly aligned image in a blog post.

Poorly Aligned Image in Blog post

See how the image wastes precious spaces by not allowing the text to align with the image. Now we observe a nicely aligned image in a blog post.

Nicely Aligned Image in Blog post

See the difference it creates? Plus it adds more to the visual appeal of your blog. How to achieve this? Well, it’s a simple edit in your theme’s stylesheet file.

NOTE: Make a backup of your theme’s style.css file before this in case some problem occurs you can always revert back to the old one.

Open your theme’s style.css file and add the following line at bottom of your css file.

img.right {
float: right;
margin:10px 0 0 10px;
img.left {
float: left;
margin:0 10px 10px 0;

Now, whenever you want to post a small image that you want to be aligned with the text in a post just add class=“right” or class=“left” in <img> tag while writing the post.This code should work on almost all themes.