Akismet Gets a Major Update

Akismet, one of the most popular Anti-Spam plugins for WordPress got a major upgrade today. The Latest version, 2.5 works only on WordPress 3.0 and above. So if you are running WordPress 2.9 or below, don’t upgrade and stay on 2.4 only. This Time, not only behind the scene changes have been made but some major visual changes also have been introduced. Here are the major changes in this release:

  • Comment Status History – Now one can see which comments were marked as spam by Akismet or by an author.
  • Link Highlighting – Links in the comment body will now be highlighted to reveal hidden/missing links.
  • Number of Approved Comments – will be shown beside each comment author’s name only to Moderators/Administrators of the Blog.
  • More Information – will be provided with Spam/UnSpam reports to improve accuracy.
  • Cron Retry – replaces old Connectivity Check
  • Record the complete comment – as originally submitted in comment_meta, to use when reporting spam and ham

Below is a video showing the latest improvements in Akismet 2.5

There are few other minor fixes and improvements too. If you are using WordPress 3.0, upgrade either by clicking the Upgrade button in your Updates section or download it from Akismet Plugin Page. Akismet 2.5 will come bundled with upcoming WordPress 3.1.