Advertisers are blind?

Sometimes I think people become so desperate in finding places to advertise that they even forget to visit the site where they want to advertise. Classic example is a recent case which is happening with me. My Site is registered on But I have not installed their code as of now. I did installed a few days back but when I checked that first link sold was not at all related to my site, I immediately removed it. Moreover it was a follow link.

But even after removing the code, I sold 2 more links! I was shocked. Are advertisers blind or what? Atleast they should visit the site before checking. I am not at all displaying those 3 links. But still I am earning. What sort of deal is this? And Text-link-ads link checker never notified me even that link code is not installed. Even now people are buying links. Anyways I am enjoying till then. 😀


  1. Hey,

    How’s my advertising looking. I only have it in a select few places on my website – take a look if you want it’s called Free Ds Roms

    We are trying to get great advertisements for computer games and removable storage and I am using adsense while I find good affiliates. What do you guys think is this worth while me doing this or should I go for popunders and another route to market?

    Thanks for help in advance 🙂

  2. So TLA + Adsense + Adbrite at the same time is bad for your website? 🙂

  3. If you are using TLA dont use adsense. That just brings your site under google’s radar. My blogs PR dropped from 5 to 3 within days after adding adsense. As a result havent got any new advertisers at TLA.

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  4. Hi, well i can see now why my text link dont appear in your blog cause you removed the code… i actually complaint to about it and they told me to wait 24 hours until maybe you decide to put it up. they told me they will give me another site if my ad is not up by then. hmmm..i feel sorry for the other two that bought text-link on your site without checking it out first. yes they could be SEO managers i’m not.

    1. When the links were purchased, code was not up from start. TLA was slow to detect that code is not up. After 3 links got purchased, I put the code because I felt that I should do. But then I saw, TLA does not use nofollow. Then I immediately put them down.

      You should first check the site whether its running the code or not or even whether its related to your site’s niche or not. Ads like this on TLA has brought the quality of the network down. Moreover, their dofollowing the links is giving publishers big penalties from Google.

  5. Seems weird but I guess some people are just mass marketing their sites, and can’t check every link.

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  6. We once used TLA but then removed their code since they started to post all those stupid irrelevant links.

  7. That’s right. Website owners just give money to their SEO managers and don’t even ask what those money are spent for.

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  8. well…..i ges its fine as long as ur earning……. really funny though the way these things work………

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  9. i have heard a lot about TLA and in most cases it was not good…first of all i dont like its policy that force you to accept link with the dofollow tag. I mean i want to decide to whom I have to pass my pagerank, right?

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  10. I see, thats pretty interesting, may i know how much you sell for every link to advertise?

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