Advertisers are blind?

Sometimes I think people become so desperate in finding places to advertise that they even forget to visit the site where they want to advertise. Classic example is a recent case which is happening with me. My Site is registered on But I have not installed their code as of now. I did installed a few days back but when I checked that first link sold was not at all related to my site, I immediately removed it. Moreover it was a follow link.

But even after removing the code, I sold 2 more links! I was shocked. Are advertisers blind or what? Atleast they should visit the site before checking. I am not at all displaying those 3 links. But still I am earning. What sort of deal is this? And Text-link-ads link checker never notified me even that link code is not installed. Even now people are buying links. Anyways I am enjoying till then. 😀