Adsense Introduces Manage Ads Feature

Though Officially Adsense announced this feature long time back on their official blog, I saw this option in my Adsense Account today. I should thank google that they introduced such a wonderful feature. Its awesome and ubercool. Wait..wait..wait…I didn’t tell you what it is? Shame on Me. :mrgreen:

What it Does then? Well earlier when you needed to change size or color scheme of a adsense code embedded in your site, you need to change the code in site’s template also. This required painful task of manually updating code. With Manage ads feature, you will not need to edit any templates again. Once you pasted the code any future change to that code can be done from right within your adsense account. Sounds Cool then?

Also you can import your old adsense code which can be converted to new adsense code so no problems in this part too. 😀

Check Some screenshots here:

Adsense Manage Ads Feature

You will notice Manage Ads option appearing under Adsense Setup if its available to you. If not, don’t worry since Google will roll this feature to everybody soon.

Adsense Manage Ads Feature

Above screenie shows listing of new adsense codes. I have whitened the name of adsense slots with the unique ids. Don’t mind. Also notice the line saying to import old ad codes. Well Edit Settings page looks just like Old Adsense for Content setup page with all those options.

Now what I don’t like here is that manage ads is only Adsense for Content type Ads. Also you cannot change size using Manage Ads feature. Manage ads is not available for Referral, Search, Mobile or Video Ads. Hope Google introduces for these too.

Have you got this feature enabled? Share your thoughts with me about this new feature.