Adsense for feeds and feedburner – please note

So you have got your feeds transferred from Feedburner to Google Adsense to run the Adsense for feeds. You must be feeling great. But before you jump up the bandwagon, there is an important point to note.

My Account also was transferred yesterday only and first thing I noticed was the change of feed address. Its now hosted at But not to worry since old feed addresses will also redirect to new address automatically. But what Google doesn’t tell you that the things which will break. So let me warn you that following things will break unless you fix themselves:

1. Email Subscription Links cease to work: Yes after the switch old email subscription links will stop working. So pls login to and get yourself new updated codes for that. Also check if your wordpress theme comes with options to input only feedid. That also won’t work since now its not feed id but feed name and link must be updated within the theme core files too. Do it yourself or ask your theme developer for a fix.

2. MyBrand Domains will also cease to work: That goole says so but I found it continued working. But for how long, can’t say. So try to get that working too. Google in its mail has outlined instructions to achieve that too.