Adsense clarifies ad sharing concept

Adsense cleared the doubts on a long controversial topic that whether 2 adsense publishers can display their own ads on a single page or not? And this topic was long debated as Adrevenue sharing plugins for various platforms including WordPress, vbulletin etc. appeared.

Google clarified that Adsense actually allows more than a single publisher on a single page. Though clicks will be counted as separate for that particular adblock of that publisher and revenue will be divided as per click on the respective adblock. And even after allowing 2 publishers, number of adunits allowed per page will be same as before. No changes in it.

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  1. It’s good that google didn’t increased the maximum ad blocks on single website, because this could cause the ads spamming (MFA).

  2. You probably could get your own ads on your own site.

  3. Useful clarification by Google, this ad sharing concept is helpful for everybody who uses Google adsense.

  4. Hey that’s so helpful. I was wondering the same thing for a while and I couldn’t find it the terms of use.

  5. I’ve heard that they show different ads to the users from different countries (according to IP). Do you know if it’s really so? Maybe Google said something on this topic too?

    1. Yes, it is called Geotargetting. If you are a Indian and see baby products ads of USA region…would you click them? It is a good practice by Google to show ads depending on your location which Google comes to know by your IP Address.

  6. Well :woot: This is a good news from google adsense, thanks for the information 😀

  7. Interesting question, thanks for the answer.

    Also, Google is misspelled in the last sentence.

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