Add Custom Smileys to Wordpress without plugin

I assume most of you don’t like the default smileys that come with WordPress. Even I don’t like them. That’s why I chose to install Aqua smileys over the default wordpress smileys. But how to replace the default smileys with new set of smileys without using a plugin? Well, its a lot easier than you thought. Because you don’t even have to change anything in wordpress files or learn php for that matter.

WordPress stores the smiley images in a directory which is wp-includes\images\smilies

Just choose your new smiley pack and copy the new smileys in this folder and make sure the file names of new smileys match exactly as the old ones otherwise wordpress won’t recognise your new smileys.

How simple is that? In next post, I will post a list of ultra cool smileys which you can use for your blogs!


  1. Do you know where i could get smiley sets?

  2. It’s Work !
    Thanks Alot

  3. hi..there, thanks for the tip, btw you have nice socialbookmark button, can you tell me how to create that, is it with a plugin?


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