You are reading a long PDF document or an ebook and you want to take a break. Adobe Acrobat has a setting which allows it to remember on what page you left when you closed it last along with the display option you had chosen. But sometimes as it happens, this setting stops working with certain PDF files while it works just fine with others. And why does that happen?

The reason for this is the way the PDF file was created. A PDF can be created in a wide variety of ways using thousands of available software/plugin/printer drivers that are available. But not all of them create a compatible PDF which works with Acrobat’s Last view saving facility. Luckily, there’s an easy fix which also works with the free Acrobat reader as it does on their premium product.

Open the incompatible PDF and choose File » Save as to save another copy of the same PDF file. Acrobat will recreate the PDF but this time with all compatibility issues solved. The new PDF should work fine now with the last viewed setting of the software.

And that’s it. An easy fix for an annoying problem.

Note: This post is only applicable to files opened or saved from Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Reader.