A New Design Soon

I am planning to get a new design for this blog. This new design is to give myself some motivation. Currently When I check my google analytics statistics, bounce rate for my blog is too high. And the probable reason is that users don’t get to see many posts on this blog and miss too much content. Though I did some bad posts too in between but I had done some equally good posts as well. Plus this theme is not good for monetising my blog. I have extremely limited options for monetising here. So a new theme is required to give myself a new direction, a new motive, a new strength and some moolah too! 😆

Before I tell anything about the theme, its not a custom or exclusive design. Reasons are that I don’t wanna waste money on a blog which is not much read. Though A New proper logo would be used this time(for the first time actually) but a custom theme is not justified.

And sorry…I am still working on tweaking the theme so can’t give much previews either. Though the theme this time is not a free theme. Its a premium theme which will be tweaked a bit according to requirements. It will have a proper focus on Social Bookmarking and Feeds which my current theme lacks. Moreover ample monetising opportunities with good content exposure will be its highlight.

So wait and watch.

And before my new theme comes, I have dropped the ad rates.

Inline 125×125 Ads – $5/month – Only 1 Spot Left as of now

Paid Reviews only: $15 – For Limited Time Only.

Paid Plugs and Text Links have been removed.