50+ Things I have learnt from Blogging

Its almost 2.5 years (only 1.5 year on NSpeaks) since I have been blogging. I learned lots of things about blogging more by reading other blogs and even more when I experimented them and failed in most of them, succeeded in few of them and left the remaining.

Here I want to summarise what I  have learned from my 2.5 years of blogging and still not on the top:

1.       Don’t be lazy…Do what you have planned

2.       Reading lots of tips and tricks can take toll

3.       Blog about what you know and what you can talk and talk about

4.       Don’t follow what others do

5.       Set Proper realistic goals and please follow them

6.       Google is not Supreme

7.       But Being friends with Google can give a big boost

8.       Adsense is not the only money maker

9.       Adsense is the easiest money maker

10.   Nofollow is crap

11.   Dofollow is even crappier

12.   So set one among them and stick to it and don’t change it midway like I did

13.   Write and Write…

14.   Be patient with Advertisers

15.   Spell Checking is important

16.   Advanced Grammar is crap …… half of blogging word does not care for too much grammar…okay basics of grammar are needed. I don’t runs into anything.

17.   First Blog then monetise not the other way round

18.   Take ample rest in between blogging..it refreshes the mind with new ideas

19.   Be Polite to commentors

20.   Be harsh to Spammers

21.   Write and Write

22.   PageRank is crap

23.   Alexa is crappier but never ignore it

24.   Technorati Rank is imp..but not much

25.   RSS is supreme…keep working on it

26.   Ad Blindness kills most blogs

27.   Too much widgets kills blogs and bloggers

28.   Firefox is the worst browser for a blogger….Too much tabs take toll..Try IE 6 for instance.

29.   Jokes apart….while blogging close all tabs

30.   Blogging editors help but WP Dashboard is supreme…no Blog Editor can replace it even now.

31.   Threaded Comments are not of much help – Try Paginated Comments, Reply and Quote Links from WP Comment Remix Plugin

32.   Subscribe to Comments is good

33.   Commentluv is good but attracts spammers too

34.   Remove both and you get 100% Pure Commentors

35.   Add Commentluv, Subscribe to Comments, Top COmmentors, Recent Comments and Dofollow all links and you get only Spammers

36.   Forums don’t work easily on any blog.

37.   Its not easy to find advertisers

38.   Its easy to find spammy advertisers

39.   TLA Kills your PR and Google rankings

40.   Any Link Sale does

41.   Constant Theme change can take toll on the blog

42.   Good Theme is must for any blog though

43.   Custom Theme Design Rocks

44.   Be prepared for a good money before hiring someone for custom design

45.   If not above, atleast get a good logo

46.   One should have 125×125, 468×60 and 120×600 banners for each of your site/blog ready for the current theme of any site…You will need either sooner or later.

47.   Networking with other bloggers can be a huge bonus

48.   Stumbleupon does not help you find loyal subscribers

49.   Digg is useless

50.   Stick to one niche…Diversifying cannot be easy and feasible on most blogs

51.   Working on too many blogs is disastrous unless you can manage or find few guest bloggers or paid writers for those blogs.(I have 5)

52.   Those with single blog rocks because of their full attention and dedication towards it.

53.   Its a good time to sell blogs (I am looking to sell some)

54.   Bad time to buy?

55.   And do read NSpeaks.com Feeds if you like.

If you have more points to suggest, pls add them via comments….I will also add few more points as I refresh my memory.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to create a great list of tips. Someone once said to me don’t get it right, get it written! So I’ll be write, write , writing!

  2. You have some interesting points. I don’t get what you mean by nofollow is crap and dofollow is crappier. Are you talking about the actual blog? Which would you prefer? I also don’t agree that digg and pr are both crap. PR helps will rankings for smaller niches. Like for instance if you had one article about learning how to use digg the easy way. You wouldn’t do SEO for that. However since it gets little searches you might get higher placement if you have high pr.

  3. I must agree with the right and write and write and write. Content is still king. But b sure to write quality articles and not trash.

  4. I especially agree with number 15. Spell Checking is important. You may want to check the title of your post.

    1. As far as I can check, my title is properly spelled.

  5. Thank you for the list most of it is true ….esp the Ad Blindness and excessive use of Widgets where I have gone crazy as a first time blogger…http://deb-dusmith.blogspot.com but I have a love of writing and find it a release, monetising will come as a cool bonus!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to create a great list of tips. Someone once said to me don’t get it right, get it written! So I’ll be write, write , writing!

  7. Great tips. I am just starting blogging and discovering everything you mention.

    As you say writing is the most important part. Write about something you are passionate about and the blog will be successful.

    Many bloggers start just to make money and then quit after a while because they run out of things to say.

  8. Hi Navjot,

    It seems we all made similar mistakes when we just start. I have learn the hard way some of the things yo do too. No more than 2 or so Blogs, its not easy too keep updating enough to succeed. I netter focus in 1 or maybe 2.


  9. One thing that i experienced about selling blogs is that magazine styled ones are sold easier. I guess you already knew this.

    Digg helps you be crawled faster and it is crucial if you blog on actual topics, it highly helps your new posts rank higher.

    1. Digg is great if you have awesome content all around. If you accidentaly post something great but the rest of the site is weak people won’t come back. If you have a lot of interesting stuff people coming from digg will stay on your site a bit longer, maybe even subscribe.

  10. thanks for your list I think content is the greatest!!

  11. A great list, it’s always difficult to come up with 50 comments on something. It sounds like your blogging time has been profitable. I can’t agree more with the PR and Alexa are crap, and I might even say technorati and digg is useless, it’s true. For our niche, it’s no help at all…

  12. Cool and so true list. perhaps you should have this dugg but it may seem pointless as you disagree with it…

    So true that soo many widgets can make ur blog crappy. So is my problem .. but I cant remove any of dem.. its really required.

    So true about that lazy part , need to write more and blah blah…. and yeah figured out digg is useless … cant just belive how others are making best out of dig though…

    Pardon my mistakes ,… im all in a hurry….

    But I understand that every comment is like a pearl to a blogger…


  13. There is a lot of experience transmitted through this list of 50 items. It helps the reader skip over an abundance of mistakes that would have been made, in order to get to making some higher-level mistakes which are more advantageous to go through. A story could probably be written about what led to the understanding of each one of these items.

  14. Tell this layman, why is ‘no follow’ crap and ‘do follow’ crapier ?

  15. It is surprising that you discounted Digg’s contribution to traffic. But I like your revolutionary idea.

  16. Nice list.
    Starting a blog is so easy. Blogging is so difficult. I could add a dozen more things, here are some.
    – Navigation is extremely important
    – Write for your visitors, not for SEO
    – Do not believe blogs that claim to know how to make huge amounts of money online. They are only trying to steal your money.

    But I have to disagree on the dofollow is crap. DoFollow can help you in building a blog network. On the other hand, you will get spam comments and have to fight them. But I still prefer DoFollow.

  17. Good Points and major of them I agree!

  18. Nice lists!I have been blogging for almost a year and still not a single earnings from my adsense and still a nobody in the world of blogging.

  19. Awesome List…
    This blog and my blogger blog started around same time… But the progress this blog made (even though my blog was a personal one but thats not an excuse) is outstanding! Claps on your efforts!

    Now will apply these methods… Hope to reach a good status soon 🙂

  20. I understand where you are coming from. Personally, I’m yet to face any difficulty moderating those comments so perhaps I’ll only change it if I can’t handle them anymore. So far, Akismet has been a pretty good companion for me…;)


  21. This list could easily be the 101 list…come on you can do better than that…;)

    Anyway, I second willbill on “Nofollow is Crap.Dofollow is Crappier.” My favorite from the list so far.

    So what’s your take? Nofollow or dofollow?


    1. I know..but these were the random thoughts that came to my mind when I sat down to write that post…I know I can improve a lot.

      BTW I follow Nofollow. NSPeaks is a total Nofollow blog. I have seen people going to great length to get a stupid linkback to their site on dofollow sites….I can’t handle that.

  22. Nofollow is Crap.
    Dofollow is Crappier.

    I like that.

    Keep it up. You are doing great job in your blogging carreer. I just want to add one thing that I find helpful in my experience.

    “Don’t Stop Learning.” And next year, this list will become 100.

  23. Wow you have a lot of tips there. That’s great. I have a lot of things to work through now. I’ve been working on the write write write one trying to get some sweet content for people to read 🙂

  24. This is a great list, some of which I have already figured out myself in the 2 1/2 months I have been blogging, and some I am just learning or trying to discover. I really appreciated your candid opinions here.

  25. Oh gosh…It seems like I always have a never-ending list of to-dos for my websites!

  26. Interesting list. I definitely agree with the “write write write!” part. It’s really important to develop great content.

    Corey Freemans last blog post..How Trumpet Playing Taught Me to Succeed Online and Offline

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